About Us

Refresh Outdoors is a blog on understanding life outside the home.

Whether it’s camping, hiking, or anything else outdoorsy, we are your number-one site for all things fun.

Welcome to our blog! Our goal is to make sure your first step outdoors is a great one!

Our Team

James Berger (Founder & CEO)

James is a 35-year-old aerospace engineer from Los Angeles with a love for being outdoors. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania University before working with the world’s largest engineering firms. However, his love of being outdoors and spending time in the yard led to what’s now a leading outdoors website – Refresh Outdoors.

Credentials: Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (U Penn)

Emma Jamieson (CMO)

Emma is Refresh Outdoors’ marketing whiz and Chief Marketing Officer. With years of experience in the toys industry and the world of social media, Emma continues to set high standards when it comes to new-age marketing strategies. She’s unique, personable, and has all the qualities needed to make Refresh Outdoors the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts.

Credentials: Bachelor of Marketing (University of Toronto)

Malcolm Scotts (Content Specialist)

Malcolm is a trusted content specialist that has spent decades working with top-tier companies and firms around the world. He’s charming and a genius with words. Along with his expertise as a writer, he has also a lover of everything outdoors whether it’s setting up a pergola in his yard or going camping at a local state park.

Credentials: Bachelor of English (University of Illinois)

Martha Newport (Writer)

Martha is a passionate writer with years of experience penning some of the finest outdoor pieces. She is credible, passionate, and all about delivering top-tier quality for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy to their heart’s content. With a Ph.D. in Writing from the University of Maryland, she is all about putting together world-class pieces.

Credentials: Ph.D. in Writing (University of Maryland)