I Accidentally Shut Down Traeger! (Fixed)

When you are using a Traeger, you will want to make sure it’s working as required.

This is often going to be the case as long as the Traeger is well-maintained. However, you may make a mistake along the way.

This can include a situation where you accidentally shut down the Traeger.

If you accidentally shut down the Traeger, continue the shutdown process, remove everything including the drip pan, and then connect the battery backup once 5-10 minutes have passed. This will help reset the Traeger and it will be back to how it should be.

You can make this mistake by pulling on the Traeger, which will cause it to shut down.

This is not a good sight and you will worry the pellet grill is not going to work as you want it to. This is a legitimate concern but if you take the time to go through these steps, you will be fine.

This guide is going to share a few tips on how to fix a shutdown Traeger and which steps are important.

Tips For Fixing A Shut Down Traeger

1. Start The Shut Down Process

You will want to look at continuing the shutdown process once this has happened.

It is easy to want to turn the grill back on and attempt to use it. The issue is the grill might not turn on as you want it to and it will not work with the settings you need.

It has to be reset and that will only happen when you shut down the Traeger and then see how it responds. In most cases, this will be enough to get the grill back to how it needs to be.

You will want to initiate the shutdown process if the Traeger has not already done so. In most cases, if you accidentally shut down the Traeger, it will be easy to get into this part of the process to fix it.

2. Remove Everything Including Drip Pan

You are now going to want to look at how to reset the grill.

This is going to happen by taking out all of the items attached to the grill. You do not want anything that is going to trigger the firmware to respond.

This is when the grill is not going to work.

For the most part, your pellet grill is going to be in good shape and will work as long as you go through these steps. However, you will need to take out these parts from the Traeger and then begin moving to the next steps.

It’s imperative to do this so you see good results. It’s the only way to make sure you are appreciative of the value you are getting and how it turns out.

3. Begin Turning On The Back Up After 5-10 Minutes

At this point, you are going to want to wait for a few minutes.

The premise is to wait at least 5-10 minutes as the Traeger goes through the shutdown process. This is normal and you will want to be patient.

The waiting period is then going to allow you to work on the backup process for the Traeger.

You will want to make sure to let the power drain out before doing this and that is why you are going to wait.

As soon as you have connected the battery backup to the Traeger, you are going to notice it power up.

4. Re-Test The Traeger

This is now the time when you will want to re-test the Traeger.

The goal is to make sure each setting is working on the battery backup. For most cases, this is going to be a clean transition and it is going to start working as if nothing has happened.

Let’s assume there is a glitch or two with the battery backup.

Are you straight out of luck?

No, you are going to press the ignite button on the Traeger for 5-10 seconds. This is going to help reset the Traeger again.

At this point, it should go through the resetting process and will start working as you want it to once done.

Final Thoughts

I accidentally shut down the Traeger!

If you have accidentally shut down the Traeger, start by allowing the shutdown process to continue. Once it’s done remove all accessories including the drip pan and then wait 5-10 minutes. After this, you will hook the battery backup to the grill and restart it.

This is going to help the Traeger get back to performing as it was before it got shut down.

A lot of pellet grill owners do this when there are power outages in the area. Even if you accidentally turned off the Traeger, this is a good set of steps to go through to make sure it starts working properly again.