Are Traeger Pellets Flavored With Oils? (Fixed)

It is interesting to learn more about Traeger pellets and what they are made of.

Most people will understand the purity of these pellets and why they’re recommended to anyone wanting to buy new pellets for their Traeger.

Rather than looking at off-brand solutions, it is still ideal to go with these for those who are starting off with a Traeger.

One question people will have is, are Traeger pellets flavored with oils?

Traeger pellets are made with the use of soybean oil, which is then mixed with wood and other wood pellet flavoring. This helps act as a lubricant, adds to the grilling experience, and is listed as being “food-grade” for pellet production.

It is important to understand this when learning more about how Traeger pellets are made and what they consist of.

This is wonderful information that will let you pinpoint more about the purity of Traeger pellets and what makes them stand out.

This guide will look at the reasons Traeger pellets are flavored with oils.

Reasons Traeger Pellets Are Flavored With Oils

1. Acts As Lubricant

It’s important to start with the production process.

Traeger pellets are produced in-house to help ensure things are consistent and efficient. There is nothing worse than improper pellets as this can get in the way of the pellet grill leading to significant damage to the Traeger.

Since these are official wood pellets for the Traeger, they are made with a high level of care. This is where quality control stands out.

To make sure this is the case, soybean oil is used as a part of the formulation. This ensures the wood pellets last and looks good.

However, one of the main perks of using soybean oil for wood pellets is to make sure they are well-lubricated.

This is important in keeping the machines in good shape as time goes on.

This is also ideal for ensuring the wood pellets don’t let you down as soon as they are put to use for grilling purposes.

2. Provides Consistent Grilling Experience

You are going to want a consistent grilling experience as soon as the pellet grill is turned on.

After all, this is why you are using the Traeger in the first place.

If the grilling experience is off, you will almost always realize it has to do with the pellets. As a result, most people do not use non-branded pellets for this part of the grill.

This is an important detail to remember.

The beauty of the soybean oil that is infused into the pellets has to do with the consistent grilling experience. This packs a punch and that is key for getting the desired results you are after as a grilling enthusiast.

It will make a real difference and you will notice it as soon as you start grilling.

3. Food-Grade Performance

The one detail that Traeger does think about is how good the performance is of the soybean oil in the wood pellets.

There is a reason this type of oil is used.

It offers food-grade performance, which means it is safe for grilling. This is key as anything that will be interacting at such a level needs to be safe.

With that in mind, you are going to appreciate the results and it will turn out as you want it to.

The food-grade nature of the soybean oil is hard to beat and it is something that will bring a smile to your face when grilling. It is safe, efficient, and right in line with what you desire.

4. Healthy

While you are thinking about how wood pellets are made, it comes down to safety more than anything else.

This is not just about the pellet grill’s safety but also your health.

You will want to make sure the pellets are not taking away from how safe grilling is supposed to be. It should be 100% safe and that is what you are going to get with the proper use of these wood pellets in the Traeger.

With that in mind, you will know these pellets are not going to let you down and they will keep you safe.

Final Thoughts

Are Traeger pellets flavored with oils?

Traeger pellets are infused with soybean oil along with additional wood flavorings. This is done to help provide food-grade performance and ensure the pellets are well-lubricated. This makes a difference during the production phase and also assists with the grilling.

Since most people want to go with high-grade wood pellets for the Traeger, this is one detail that does stand out.

You will know what you are getting as soon as you buy the pellets.

When looking at what is wrong with the Traeger, you will notice the issues with the pellets. Only the best pellets should be used.