Common Ariens 11528le Problems (Explained)

When it comes to some of the more well-renowned snowblowers on the market, it’s always important to pay attention to the value of an Ariens snowblower.

This is a type of snowblower that stands out but this does not mean it’s always going to work out as you want it to.

There are specific Ariens 11528le problems that you are going to want to account for.

Some Ariens 11528ie problems to consider include a loose belt, starting issues, a clogged chute, and/or leaking oil. It’s best to inspect the damaged parts right away and replace them if needed. On the whole, this is a reliable snowblower made by a trusted manufacturer.

Ariens has been around for a long time as a heralded brand and continues to deliver value. Yes, there are Ariens 11528le problems that you will need to consider but they are just like any other snowblower on the open market.

This article is going to help highlight some of the main Ariens 11528le problems that you should keep in mind.

Main Ariens 11528le Problems

1. Loose or Damaged Belt

This often ends up happening when the Ariens snowblower begins aging.

It is common for the wear and tear of regular use to start creating issues with how the Ariens snowblower runs. This includes a situation where the snowblower belt begins to malfunction.

There are two ways this can occur.

The first way is going to be the snowblower belt becoming too loose. This is a serious issue that is not easy to manage and you are not going to enjoy how things turn out when it comes to doing things the right way.

If it is too loose, you will need to take out the snowblower belt and then re-insert it. This is going to get it back on track.

The second way is going to be when the belt simply breaks.

This is going to be a serious issue because the snowblower is going to come to a stop and it won’t clear out snow any longer.

The best option in a situation such as this is to replace the snowblower belt right away.

2. Starting Issues

Since this model has an electric starter, it’s possible for the power to give out.

This creates a situation where the power is not going through and that causes the Ariens snowblower to not start at all.

You will often hear a clicking noise when this happens as the snowblower attempts to start. If it does not spark, it is not going to run.

The reason this happens can do with a damaged or blown spark plug. The best option is to replace the spark plug and make sure there is enough power going through to the Ariens snowblower once it is time to turn it on.

3. Clogged Chute

When you are moving the Ariens snowblower around, it’s important to understand while the machine is powerful, it is not invincible.

This means it needs to be handled with care when there is a lot of snow on the ground.

It’s possible for the chute to get clogged when there is debris on the ground or too much ice. This begins to clog up inside the chute as it is pushed in by the auger.

You have to take the time to lubricate the Ariens snowblower to make sure this does not happen.

4. Oil Leak

This is possible when there is a crack in the tank or there is something wrong with the line that is running through holding the snowblower’s oil.

A lot of people make this mistake early on as owners.

They will overfill the snowblower and that is going to cause the oil to leak. Do not do this and always read the owner’s manual to know what is right for the snowblower.

If you are not doing this, the oil is going to start leaking from the snowblower as soon as you move it. In some cases, it is going to leak regardless of what you are doing with the snowblower.

It could even be sitting in the garage and it’s going to leak.

Final Thoughts

It’s these Ariens 11528le problems that will stand out for those who want to make sure the snowblower functions as required.

When it comes to the main Ariens 11528le problems, it’s common to see oil leaks, starting issues, clogged chutes, and/or a damaged snowblower belt. It’s recommended to maintain the snowblower to ensure these issues don’t arise.

For the average snowblower owner, it’s not going to happen. You will only see these issues crop up when you have overfilled the tank or the snowblower has started aging.

As long as you care for the snowblower, it’s going to remain in good shape and continue to run properly as needed.