Ariens EFI Snowblower Won’t Start (Fixed)

It’s not easy to be in a situation where the snowblower is not starting.

Ariens tends to make a robust selection of snowblowers and is noted for its overall efficiency. This includes offering snowblowers that are easy to operate and will start right away.

However, what if you have a situation where the Ariens EFI snowblower won’t start?

If the Ariens EFI snowblower won’t start, it’s best to top up the fuel if it’s low. Next, replace the air filter if it looks unclean and check the starter cord for potential damage. In some cases, the spark plug will be the issue and needs to be replaced.

This is how you are going to get to the bottom of why the Ariens EFI snowblower isn’t starting.

It’s essential to look at things from all angles to ensure the snowblower continues to function as you want it to. If it is not starting, this is a real concern and the best option is to look at what is required to get the snowblower to run properly.

If you take the time to look at what has been listed in this guide, you will get the Ariens EFI snowblower to run again.

Steps To Fix Ariens EFI Snowblower That Won’t Start

1. Top Up The Fuel

Most people don’t think about the fuel in the Ariens snowblower.

You have to think about how long the Ariens snowblower was stored. Was it stored for months without use? Where was it stored?

If it was stored out in the open, you will likely have to drain the fuel and make sure to use new fuel that will allow the snowblower to run properly.

It’s also essential to think about how you are going to get more out of the fuel. If you are not careful, the fuel will not work.

The best option in most situations is to drain the fuel and use the new fuel. It will allow you peace of mind because you will know only new fuel is coursing through the snowblower. This will protect the machine and allow it to function correctly.

2. Replace The Air Filter

The air filter plays an integral role in how the snowblower works.

You cannot overlook this.

You have to make sure the air filter is running properly and this won’t always be the case if it hasn’t been changed for a while.

Your best bet is to take the time to replace the air filter.

This is going to include first attempting to clean the air filter and remove excess debris. If it is difficult to clean then you are going to want to move toward changing the air filter in the snowblower.

This is how you are going to get the type of results that will matter.

3. Check The Starter Cord

You will want to take the time to think about the starter cord.

This is essential because you can’t have a situation where the starter cord is not allowing enough power to go through to the snowblower.

This is a common concern that does arise.

You have to ensure the cord is in good shape and is allowing the snowblower to kickstart as it needs to. If not, you are going to continue to have this type of problem especially if the cord is wearing down too much.

You might have to change the starter cord if it is damaged to the point of no return. This will depend on the condition of the cord as of right now.

4. Replace The Spark Plug

Have you taken the time to look at the spark plug?

The spark plug is a real concern for those who are worried about the Ariens EFI snowblower not starting on time.

You could have a situation where there is enough power going to the snowblower but the spark plug is not igniting in a way where the snowblower can turn on.

This is a real concern that you have to address right away.

If possible, you should remove the spark plug and test it. This can be done with a separate tester.

Otherwise, just replace the spark plug and then see what happens with the Ariens EFI snowblower.

Final Thoughts

Look at following this advice as you work on repairing an Ariens EFI snowblower that won’t start.

If the Ariens EFI snowblower won’t start, top up the fuel and make sure the starter cord is undamaged. Next, replace the air filter if it seems unclean, and then swap out the spark plug to ensure everything has been replaced.

This is the best way to make sure you are getting full value out of the snowblower.

The Ariens snowblower can malfunction but the solutions here will get it to the point where it starts when you want it to.