Bear Mountain Pellets Vs Lumberjack Pellets (Compared)

One of the hardest issues a person is going to face when it comes to a pellet grill will be the pellets you use.

You cannot have a situation where the pellets get in the way and/or don’t work out as you want. These are issues you are going to want to avoid at all costs.

You will want to start comparing Bear Mountain pellets vs Lumberjack pellets.

Bear Mountain pellets are made of hardwood plus softwood, providing reduced heat, and a shorter burn. In comparison, Lumberjack pellets are complete hardwood, offer extended heat, and a continuous burn.

When choosing between these pellets, you will want to go with what is ideal for your price point. You are going to get a more affordable deal with specific pellets depending on where you are getting them.

It is more common for pure hardwood pellets to last longer and therefore cost more. It is up to you to find the right deal for your pellet grill.

Here is a detailed look at comparing Bear Moutain pellets vs Lumberjack pellets.

Comparing Bear Mountain Pellets Vs Lumberjack Pellets

1. Material

Choosing the right pellets for your grill means looking at the different options.

Bear Mountain pellets and Lumberjack pellets are both exceptional options. They have been around for a while and are appreciated for how well they perform.

However, there are differences you are going to want to keep a note of.

The first detail you are going to want to think about is the material.

With the Bear Mountain pellets, you are going to have pellets that are made of a combination of hardwood and softwood.

This leads to a far different setup than what you will get with complete hardwood pellets such as the ones you are going to find with Lumberjack.

It’s important to consider this because there are performance differences when you are looking at the type of pellet. This will play a role in how the pellet works.

Think about this when it comes to generating good results and ensuring it works out as you want it to.

2. Length Of Burn

You will want to start by accounting for the length of the burn.

There is a difference in how the pellets will burn when in the pellet grill and this has to be accounted for right away.

In general, Bear Mountain pellets are not going to burn as long as the Lumberjack pellets. There is a reason for this.

Hardwood tends to burn a lot longer due to how robust the material is. This makes the pellets harder, which means they take much longer to burn. The burn is more sustained.

In comparison, the Bear Mountain pellets are going to do a good job but they are not going to last as long.

3. Heat Production

You will also want to keep an eye on heat production.

This is one of those details people don’t think about when it comes to keeping things organized and ensuring the right measures are taken.

You will want to focus on how Bear Mountain pellets will produce less heat per minute. They are not going to have the same heat generation capacity as the Lumberjack pellets.

Hardwood pellets such as the ones you are going to get with Lumberjack are going to be more robust and are also going to produce more heat.

It’s important to think about this to avoid damaging the results you are getting from the pellet grill.

4. Pricing

Most people are not going to only consider performance variables when it comes to comparing Bear Mountain Pellets Vs Lumberjack Pellets.

This is fair.

In general, the pricing is also going to weigh on your mind as you are comparing options between the two.

In most cases, it is going to come down to the deal you are getting on the open market.

You might find a better deal for one type of pellet over the other.

However, if you are looking to compare a more generalized look of the market then you will realize it is common to get a better deal on the Bear Mountain pellets.

Final Thoughts

You will want to account for these details when it comes to Bear Mountain pellets vs Lumberjack pellets.

Bear Mountain pellets are known for being a combination of hardwood and softwood, which means they have a reduced burn rate and will produce less heat. In comparison, Lumberjack pellets are complete hardwood, which will have a longer burn rate and produce more heat.

There is no right or wrong answer other than the type of performance you are hoping for.

Those who are going for a more robust grilling experience will like the hardwood pellets. They are going to do better due to the added burn rate.

Look into these details as you pinpoint what will work for you.