Bubbles In Pool When Splashing! (Solved)

It’s normal to want to start jumping into the pool and splashing around.

This is a part of enjoying your time in the pool at home.

However, you might start noticing something funny when you are in a situation such as this. You will notice, there are bubbles in the pool when splashing.

When there are bubbles in a pool when splashing, the most common reason is a low pool water level or a damaged strainer pot lid. To fix the issue, increase the pool water level and tighten the o-ring connected to the pot lid. Additional reasons can include algaecide in the water or a malfunctioning pump.

Always start with the pool water level.

If you do know algaecide was used in the water then this is the reason. It is common for this to cause additional bubbling in the swimming pool.

This article will take a look at the reasons for bubbles in the pool when splashing and what to do about them.

Reasons For Bubbles In Pool When Splashing

1. Low Pool Water Level

Let’s start with the most common reason for bubbles forming in a swimming pool.

For the most part, the pool water level is going to drop. This can happen due to evaporation during a warm summer night or when you keep using a pool heater.

This means the water level is going to drop a few inches each night.

This is normal and you will need to make sure water is added to the pool. If the level drops too much, you are going to start noticing issues such as this one.

There will be bubbles in the swimming pool when you start splashing around.

2. Damaged Strainer Pot Lid

Another issue can be the strainer pot lid.

This is an important part that is used to manage how water moves in the pool. If there is damage to this lid or one of its surrounding components, you are going to have a serious bubbling problem on your hands to navigate around.

In general, the strainer pot lid can loosen.

This is due to the o-ring and you will need to find a way to tighten it. If you do tighten it, this will help seal it and make sure it does not get damaged.

If the strainer pot lid is fully damaged, you will need to replace it.

This is the only way to make sure the problem does not worsen. Take your time looking at what is wrong with the swimming pool pump and then begin to work your way toward a solution.

3. Malfunctioning Pump

You will have to take the time to assess the swimming pool pump as a whole.

While the strainer pot lid is a good starting point for bubbling in a pool, you will also want to take a look at the structural integrity of the pool pump.

Is it damaged? is it working as it should?

If not, this might be the reason the pump is not working as it needs to when it is turned on. In some cases, it won’t be working at all.

Take the time to look into this and then make sure you are trending down the right path.

4. Algaecide

Algaecide is often used at certain times of the year.

This creates a situation where there is algaecide in the swimming pool. If that is the case and this is something you’re aware of then it is time to look at this as a possible reason for bubbling.

You will have to wait things out and this problem will go away.

Dealing with large blooms in the water is not ideal, which is why this solution is used. Unfortunately, it can cause specific issues including changing the water’s color and/or leading to bubbling.

You will need to look at the pH level in the water to ensure it is stable too.

If there is too much algaecide in the water, this will become a reason for dealing with issues such as bubbling.

You will want to get on top of this as soon as possible or the situation will worsen.

Final Thoughts

Why are there bubbles in the pool when splashing?

If there are bubbles in the pool when splashing, it is often due to a low water level or a damaged strainer pot lid. To fix the issue, increase the water level and tighten or replace the o-ring for the strainer pot lid. Additional issues can include a malfunctioning pool pump or algaecide.

It’s best to work your way through these reasons to see which one applies to your swimming pool at home.

If a swimming pool is damaged, it will start posing issues such as these. Look at the swimming pool’s water level and always bring it back to the level it needs to be.