Guide On Burning Cardboard In Fire Pit (Simple)

When it comes to getting rid of cardboard, it’s never a bad idea to do so in your fire pit.

A lot of people fret about not knowing how to get rid of cardboard but this does not have to be an issue as long as you have the fire pit burning.

This is going to be a great way to dispose of the cardboard in your yard.

However, to do this the right way, you need to know what it takes to start burning cardboard in a fire pit.

To start burning cardboard in a fire pit, make sure the cardboard is dry. It’s also recommended to know what the local regulations are for doing this in your area. If it’s safe to do so, always burn a small amount and then add more.

It’s also smart to keep a fire extinguisher nearby when it is time to start burning cardboard in the fire pit.

You don’t want a situation where the flames spiral out of control and you don’t have a way to douse them. This is where the fire extinguisher is going to come in handy and will keep you safe in the yard.

Here is what you are going to have to mull over when you are burning cardboard in the fire pit.

Tips For Burning Cardboard In Fire Pit

1. Make Sure The Cardboard Is Dry

Before you add cardboard to a fire pit, you need to make sure it can be done so safely.

This is only possible when you have taken the time to inspect the cardboard in advance. You can’t have a situation where the cardboard is in bad shape because this is dangerous and it is not going to be ideal for the fire pit.

In general, you will want to take the time to wipe the cardboard and make sure it does not have debris on it. You will also want to ensure it is dry.

This means any type of moisture is bad for the burning phase.

If the cardboard is wet right now, set it aside and wait until it is dry.

2. Know The Local Laws

You should also take the time to look at what the local regulations have to say.

People don’t do this and then worry they have broken the regulations in the area they live. What might be allowed in one region is not going to be permitted in another.

This is why you will want to look at all angles before burning the cardboard in a fire pit.

If the local laws say this can only be done during a certain time of the day or in a certain spot then those are regulations you are going to want to adhere to.

3. Only Burn A Small Amount

How much cardboard are you going to burn in the fire pit?

It’s important to always put in a small amount. Do not take all of the cardboard on hand and start dumping it into the fire pit at once.

This is dangerous and it is going to cause the flames to spiral out of control.

You are going to be better off adding a small amount and watching the cardboard burn before moving to the next batch.

This will allow you to douse the flames if things do get out of control. You always want to keep this in mind.

4. Be Ready With A Fire Extinguisher

Have you taken the time to have a fire safety element at play?

A lot of people will start putting cardboard in a fire pit without thinking about the consequences of making a mistake. You might assume things are going to play out as you want them to but that is not always the case.

It’s possible you could have a situation where a fire extinguisher is required to douse the flame.

If that is the case, do you have one ready? Do you know how to use it?

Look into these details before you start adding cardboard to a fire pit in the yard.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to think about all relevant options when burning cardboard in the fire pit. The tips here will go a long way in making it easier for you.

To start burning cardboard in a fire pit, it’s best to know what the local regulations are for doing so. If allowed, always add a small amount of cardboard and watch it burn before adding more. It’s also recommended to make sure the cardboard is completely dry.

If you add wet cardboard to a fire pit, it can cause the flames to erupt.

This is common when you are unsure about why the cardboard is wet. This is why it’s best to wait things out and let the cardboard dry a bit before putting it in.

This will ensure the fire pit flames are kept in control.