200+ Best Camper Names For Your RV

When it’s time to find the right RV name, it’s important to look at creative names that will bring a smile to your face.

Whether it’s funny RV names or simple RV names, you will enjoy the list that has been put together here. Plus, you are not going to need an RV name generator when you have inspiration from this article.

Choosing a good camper name comes down to understanding your personality and what you hope to get from the experience.

Add a bit of personality to it and you will enjoy every minute of the naming process.

Here are the best RV names for your camper.

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Top Camper Names For Your RV

  1. Big Boy
  2. Big Girl
  3. Nomad’s Desire
  4. Are We There Yet, RV?
  5. Hitched for Life
  6. Just Hitched and Itching to Go
  7. Joyful Camper
  8. The Money Pit on Wheels
  9. Chillaxin’ Cruiser
  10. The Wandering Wayfarer
  11. Voyager’s Dream
  12. Weekend Warrior’s Ride
  13. The Road to Nowhere Home
  14. Chasing Rainbows on Wheels
  15. Happy Days on the Road
  16. Lazy Days Cruiser
  17. Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Cruiser
  18. The Rustic Retreat
  19. The Second Act Adventure
  20. Retirement Ride
  21. RV Retirement Machine
  22. Empty Nest Nestler
  23. Cabin Fever Reliever
  24. Unwind and Relax
  25. Taj Mahaul on the Go
  26. The Jolly Trolly Adventure
  27. Hitting the Road
  28. The Tripper’s Home
  29. In It for the Long Haul Home
  30. Love Shack on Wheels
  31. Party of (fill in the number) Mobile Home
  32. (Your Last Name) On Tour
  33. Sun Chaser’s Ride
  34. Happy Glamper’s Home
  35. The Dog House on Wheels
  36. Fifth Wheel’s Lucky Charm
  37. Pamper Camper’s Dream
  38. Carefree Cruiser
  39. The Wandering Woman’s Ride
  40. Weekend Woman’s Getaway
  41. Adventure Seeker’s Cruiser
  42. Trailer Trekkers
  43. Overlanding Adventurers
  44. Party Bus on Wheels
  45. Royal Cruiser
  46. Harvey the RV
  47. Matilda’s Ride
  48. Big Bertha on Tour
  49. Betty the RV
  50. Barbie’s Adventure Cruiser
  51. Stella’s Mobile Home
  52. Lucy’s Long Trailer
  53. Bugsy’s Ride
  54. Gidget’s Getaway
  55. Lady’s Home on Wheels
  56. Molly’s Cruiser
  57. Captain (insert your name) and the RV
  58. Joyful Drifters
  59. The Wandering Star Mobile Home
  60. Old Faithful Cruiser
  61. Taking It Slow on the Road
  62. Lancelot’s Adventure Home
  63. Bertha’s Big Adventure
  64. The Mystery Machine’s Road Trip
  65. Rigging It Up Cruiser
  66. The PlayStation on Wheels
  67. Yeti’s Roaming Adventure
  68. The Tin Can on Wheels
  69. Road Trip Renegades
  70. The Rambler’s Journey
  71. Road Rambler’s Cruiser
  72. The Ship on Wheels
  73. Ranger’s Ride
  74. TARDIS Traveler
  75. Odin’s Road Trip
  76. Serenity’s Escape Cruiser
  77. Party Wagon’s Adventure
  78. The Big Bambino Cruiser
  79. Road Warrior’s Machine
  80. Fun Finder’s Getaway Cruiser
  81. White Whale Cruiser
  82. Pegasus on Wheels
  83. The Bat Mobile Home
  84. 5-Star Hotel on Wheels
  85. Tourists in Transit Mobile Home
  86. Road Warriors’ Dream Ride
  87. Thrill Seeker’s Cruiser
  88. The Yonder Mobile Home
  89. Magic Carpet’s Adventure Ride
  90. Freedom Chariot’s Cruiser
  91. NO9to5’s Mobile Home
  92. (Your Family’s Last Name) on the Road
  93. Driving Miss Daisy’s Cruiser
  94. Stagecoach Cruiser
  95. CMore (or See-More) Mobile Home
  96. Ramblin Rose’s Cruiser
  97. Our Humble Abode on Wheels
  98. Home2
  99. Cruiser California
  100. The Route Scenic
  101. Machine Rumpus
  102. Around Sleep We
  103. Warrior Weekend
  104. Avenue Adventure
  105. Chaser Rainbow
  106. Blackbird
  107. Wheels On Condo
  108. Renegade Trip Road
  109. Compass The
  110. Rambler The
  111. Lion Mountain
  112. Eagle Soaring
  113. Cardinal Red
  114. Road Winding and Long
  115. Camp Summer
  116. Woodpecker Pileated
  117. Machine Mountaineering
  118. Tail Beaver
  119. Chaser Twilight
  120. Rambler Road
  121. Freightliner
  122. Chariot Freedom
  123. Express Alpine
  124. Rendezvous RV
  125. Trailer Wayfaring
  126. Bison American
  127. Flyer Coup The
  128. Always See More to
  129. Feelin’ Faraway
  130. Traveled Less Road The
  131. Seeker Thrill
  132. Widowmaker
  133. Unknown Great
  134. Highway
  135. Worldwide
  136. Highlander
  137. Life One
  138. Compass
  139. Trekker
  140. Runaway
  141. Weekender
  142. Clipper
  143. Nirvana
  144. Rollin’
  145. Bucket
  146. Big Wheels
  147. Highway To Heaven
  148. Biggie
  149. Jumbo
  150. Pretty Wheels
  151. Hot Wheels
  152. Finder of Fun
  153. Beast
  154. Cow
  155. DeLorean
  156. Dog House
  157. Bro
  158. Eatin’ Fuel
  159. Diva
  160. Big Haul
  161. Bug
  162. Ship
  163. Big Wagon
  164. RV Express
  165. Runner
  166. Skippy
  167. YOLO
  168. Boss
  169. Speedy
  170. Rulebreaker
  171. Lawbreaker
  172. Killa
  173. Master
  174. Sensei
  175. Wheelie
  176. Campy
  177. Bear
  178. Buddy
  179. Santa
  180. Birdie
  181. Pal
  182. Goldie
  183. Dusty
  184. Drifter
  185. Faith
  186. CoCo
  187. Just Hitched
  188. Gadget
  189. Gidget
  190. Wheel Shack
  191. Shack
  192. Crispy
  193. Lucky
  194. Lucy
  195. Whiny
  196. Holly
  197. Big Mobile
  198. Ranger
  199. Roamer
  200. Rusty
  201. Ruby

Tips To Choose The Best Camper Name

Giving your RV a name is not as easy as it looks.

You will want to get it right.

The first thing you want to focus on when choosing a camper’s name is the overall look of the vehicle. Does it have a specific identifier that stands out? Perhaps, it is starting to rust? This might be a great time to name it “Rusty” after that identifier!

Fabulous RV names are not always hard to find when you are paying attention to the details.

You also want to think about longevity. It should be a great RV name that lasts a long time. You don’t want it to age out after a few months!

This is what cute camper names are all about including the ones in this list.

The perfect names for your RV will often come from the simplest inspirations. Look around the RV and think about what resonates with you. This is how you are going to find the right camper name instantly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best camper names for your RV, the ones in this article should stand out.

Choose a camper name that is personal and has that hint of personality you are in search of.

Naming the camper is all about the finer details.

Go through the list of RV names here and put away the RV name generator. You can make the most of what is here and choose one that works for your RV. This is just as important as caring for an RV.