Best Campground Near Dollywood (With Examples)

Camping near Dollywood is a fascinating experience and there are numerous campgrounds in Dollywood to put on your list right away.

Dollywood is a cherished theme park in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and continues to bring in droves of people from around the world. Spread across 120+ acres of land, this is a theme park that has it all and is a boatload of fun for families.

For those who want to add a bit of outdoorsy fun into the mix, it’s time to look at the top campgrounds near Dollywood.

The top campgrounds near Dollywood include Creekside RV Park, Camp Riverslanding, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, and Clabough’s Campground. These are well-equipped, spacious camping spots for those wanting to be close to Dollywood.

When finding the closest campground to Dollywood, you will want to have the campgrounds listed here in your mind. They have it all and they are ideal for people of all ages.

This guide is going to look at the best campgrounds near Dollywood that you should be considering when coming over with family and/or friends.

Top Campground Near Dollywood

1. Creekside RV Park

Looking for campgrounds near Pigeon Forge means understanding where the open RV spaces are and how they are equipped. You need to think about everything including the amenities on-site.

This is where Creekside RV Park stands out.

It is well-appreciated by camping enthusiasts in Dollywood as being a go-to spot that has what you are on the lookout for.

This RV park is located near Walden Creek and is often a great spot for tourists that are in the area.

How far is it from Dollywood?

It is only 4 miles away, which makes it a great option for those who do want to head over to Dollywood for rides during the trip.

Creekside RV Park is a beautiful campground in Dollywood and is packed with amenities that you are going to enjoy during your stay.

When it comes to RV parks in Dollywood, you will want to think about this park. It has a beautiful bathhouse and laundry setup along with WIFI connectivity that allows you to connect with the rest of the world during your time there.

You can also spend time in the swimming pool on-site or put together a campfire as the sun sets. The camp store is also packed with goodies for those who want to buy food or snacks for their stay.

2. Camp Riverslanding

Camp Riverslanding is a world-class RV site near Dollywood.

The charm behind this Pigeon Forge campground comes down to its aesthetic appeal and how well it works for families. It’s common to see large families in the area enjoying what the site has to offer.

Due to it being close to Dollywood, it is a convenient spot that lets you make the most of its amenities and still go to Dollywood for a day out.

What do you get at this beautiful RV site close to Dollywood?

You will gain access to a fully-stocked camp shop, river tubing, a dog park, basketball courts, free WIFI, and spacious RV sites for your camper.

Visitors can also head to the swimming pool for a swim on a hot day or play tennis on the tennis courts.

3. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Pigeon Forge Jellystone is the real deal.

This is a beautiful RV park that is less than a mile away from the well-acclaimed Dollywood. This means it is the closest campground to Dollywood and this alone makes it a premier option for campers.

You will love the natural aesthetic of this campground but also the delightful amenities on-site.

This will include the swimming pools, fishing pond, rental cabins, free WIFI, and laundry rooms to name a few.

4. Clabough’s Campground

When finding a campsite near Dollywood, you will want to consider Clabough’s Campground in the area.

This is one of those camping locations that has been around for a long time and tends to be noted as a great family-friendly spot.

How far is it from Dollywood?

It is a 5-mile drive, which is not as close as the others but still close enough for you to look at it.

The beauty of this RV site has to do with its size. It is a large campground and it is packed with great amenities.

This includes free WIFI, swimming pools, a delightful games room, multiple bath houses, laundry rooms, and multiple RV sites.

5. River Edge RV Park and Log Cabin Rentals

River Edge RV Park is a great campsite in Premier Forge and it is acclaimed for its rental cabins.

You will adore how the area looks and there is ample space for people to set up their RVs and know they will be well cared for.

This includes bathhouses, hot tubs, splash pads, and swimming pools.

You also get to make the most of the gorgeous rental cabins on-site that come equipped with free WIFI and a mini fridge.

Final Thoughts

These are the best RV parks near Dollywood and they should be on your list when looking for a good spot for your camper.

The best RV parks near Dollywood include River Edge RV Park, Clabough’s Campground, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Creekside RV Park, and Camp Riverslanding.

When it is time to go RVing, you will want to have these campgrounds on your list. They have it all. These are the best camping sites near Dollywood Amusement Park. When searching for Premier Forge’s #1 campground, you will want to take these options into account and then decide.