How To Go Camping With A Crawling Baby (And What To Use!)

Camping with a crawling baby is a challenging ordeal.

Some might think it’s impossible and perhaps reckless!

Well, this is the wrong mindset to have. A person that has taken the time to prep will have not trouble camping with a crawling baby and it’s going to work out as planned. Of course, if you don’t prepare, it will be a mess.

So, what do you have to think about then?

There are several details that are going to matter including:

  • Safety
  • General Health
  • Entertainment
  • Varying Conditions Outdoors

A lot of things you would ignore as adults might matter a lot with the baby.

This is why it’s important to take a step back and look at how to go camping with a crawling baby. You will have to think about these details in advance, so you are well-prepared and buy the right camping gear for babies.

This guide is going to shed light on how to start camping with a crawling baby and what to think about beforehand.

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Tips on How To Go Camping With a Crawling Baby

Tip #1: Buy a Portable High Chair

When camping with a crawling baby, it’s easy to assume they’re going to stay in one place.

This is a common mistake with parents that ignore where their baby is for a split second. This isn’t the right approach to have in a place such as the outdoors where anything can happen.

Instead of allowing for this to occur, it’s best to invest in a quality portable high chair for camping. This will keep the baby in one place and ensure they don’t get in harm’s way when you’re not looking.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Secure
  • Perfect for Camping Conditions

It’s easy to assume the crawling baby is going to be fine when camping but that’s a major mistake. Babies are a variable in all of this because they will go where their emotions take them. This means you have to be a smart planner.

Camping with a crawling baby is loads of fun, but only when you have the right camping gear for babies on hand.

This includes a good portable high chair for the baby to sit in.

Having a portable high chair outdoors is convenient, flexible, and perfect for parents that want to keep their baby safe at all times.

camping with a crawling baby

Tip #2: Pack Warm Clothes

What clothes are you going to be packing for the baby?

In most cases, you might assume it’s warm outside, so it’s okay to pack a bunch of t-shirts and shorts. Well, this is fine during the day, but the nighttime is going to bring a brisk wind that might be easy for adults to handle, but not as pleasant for babies.

As a result, you should always prepare for all conditions.

The temperature can fluctuate outdoors, so it’s important to pack for a potential drop in conditions during the trip.

Warm clothes and a good heater might be useful.

If it is too hot, you may want to have a portable AC for camping too. Just make sure the weather isn’t going to become a spoilsport for you and your family.

It is these details that matter when prepping for camping with a crawling baby.

Tip #3: Plan for a Short Trip

How long are you camping for with a baby?

It’s easy to want to plan a regular trip that goes on for a week, but that’s not ideal with a crawling baby.

When camping with a baby, you want to keep the trip as short and sweet as possible. This will ensure if the baby is uncomfortable, it won’t last for a long time.

Too much outdoor exposure is difficult with a crawling baby, so it’s best to plan for a short trip and see how things go from there.

You won’t want to take a risk on the first trip.

After a few trips, you can start lengthening things out a bit because you’ll have a feel for how your child responds to the situation.

Plus, the child is going to get used to it as well while getting older too.

camping with a crawling baby

Tip #4: Stay in the Shade

The placement of your tent is going to play a massive role and it’s something many people don’t do, which holds them back.

In essence, you are going to want to stay in the shade.

This will ensure the baby doesn’t have to deal with the brunt of a heated camping tent that is only getting worse due to being set out in the sun.

When the sun beats down, it isn’t a pleasant feeling for adults let alone babies!

Be smart and proactive.

You want to set the tent in the shade and make sure you are fully protected from inclement weather.

Final Thoughts

When camping with a crawling baby, you are going to have a number of questions and rightly so.

You are going to want to buy the right camping gear for your baby, make sure to pack a lot of clothes and ensure there’s enough food to keep the baby healthy.

All of these things are important, but it’s also essential to know how the camping trip is going to unfold. This means where you’re going to set up, how long it’s going to last, and what you want to get out of the trip.

Once you have these details, camping with a crawling baby becomes a breeze!

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