Can I Have 2 Sheds On My Property? (Answered)

Most people are going to think about setting up a shed on their property.

One shed is common and it’s something property owners will like having access to. It creates additional space for garden tools and it remains safe.

However, what if you have additional land and want to set up multiple sheds on the property? You might ask, can I have 2 sheds on my property?

Yes, you can have two sheds on a property as long as it’s legally allowed in the area. It’s best to read the local regulations before doing so. It’s also recommended to find the right spot for both sheds and ensure they are built on a stable foundation while remaining accessible.

The one mistake people make is to set up sheds in a way where they are not accessible and/or both get in each other’s way.

If you have lots of land to work with, it becomes easier to set up the sheds on the property and make sure they are in the right spot.

Here are the tips you need to adhere to if you are thinking about having two sheds on a property.

Tips For Having 2 Sheds On Your Property

1. Know The Local Regulations

You need to start with the local regulations.

It is essential for there to be specific regulations in place that will allow you to have two sheds on a property.

Some regions do not allow this because it creates additional built space that is not permitted. However, other regions let you do as you please when it comes to the installation and placement of multiple sheds on your land.

You will want to be aware of these regulations before you go one way or the other.

If you are permitted to set up two sheds on your land then it is time to start planning things out in greater detail. You want to ensure the sheds are put in the right spot and are going to survive for a long time to come once they are installed.

2. Find The Right Spots

You are also going to want to take the time to find the right spots.

If you are not taking the time to find the right spots, you are not going to feel confident with how things play out.

This will create a situation where the wrong spots make one or both of the sheds unusable. This is the last thing you are going to want.

If two sheds are set up, both need to be in the right spot.

Some will have a shed in the backyard and another in the front garden. This comes down to what you are hoping for from the shed and how you are going to be using them over time.

If they are in the wrong spot, they will not be as useful as you want them to be.

3. Build A Strong Foundation For Both

You will also want to make sure they are set up on a strong foundation.

This means they should not be prone to falling and/or getting damaged. Some people will be in a rush to set up multiple sheds on their land and then not think about how long-lasting the setup is going to be.

If you are going to have multiple sheds then both need to be treated equally.

This is how you are going to get the type of foundation that will last a long time and is going to sustain itself over time.

4. Always Consider Accessibility

You have to think about accessibility.

If you are not going with an accessible setup then it is not going to work out. You are going to have a situation where things are difficult to access and the sheds will not be used as often as you want them to be.

It is important to look into this and then assess your options in greater detail.

This is how you are going to know the sheds will continue to be easy to access and you can put your garden tools in them without hesitation.

Final Thoughts

Can I have 2 sheds on my property?

You can have two sheds on a property as long as it is legally permitted in your region. Some regions do not allow multiple sheds. If allowed, it’s best to have a strong foundation for both sheds and make sure they are accessible.

This is essential as a shed that’s unusable is not going to be helpful over time.

It is going to be difficult to stabilize the shed and get full value from it as soon as it is set up. Look into this when it comes to adding another shed to the property.

If it is in the right spot, you will see good results.