Can I Put a Shed In My Front Yard? (Answered)

The placement of a shed is integral to how you use it during the year.

Most people are going to have their shed in the backyard as that is a good spot to keep it out of the way. You might not want to have a large shed blocking the view of your property or how you use it in the front.

However, some will want to put a shed in the front yard. To do this, you will want to ask, can I put a shed in my front yard?

Yes, you can put a shed in your front yard as long as it is a minimum of 10 feet away from the property. It’s recommended to assess the zoning laws in your region and then measure the front yard to ensure there’s enough space.

The average property is not going to have that much space in the front yard for a shed to be set up. If you do have a large front yard then it might be reasonable to look at this as an option for the land.

It is best to go through a planning phase to see what can be done when setting up a new shed.

This guide will let you in on what to look for when finding out how to put a shed in your front yard.

How To Put A Shed In Your Front Yard

1. Stay 10 Feet Away From The Home

Having a shed in the front yard is all about distance in most regions.

You will not want to have the shed set up within 10 feet of the property. This is not legal in most places and it is not the type of look you are going to want to go for anyway.

It is going to look cumbersome and it will also make the front of the property harder to access, which is the last thing you are going to want to see.

Always think about the distance between the shed and the front of your house. This is what will matter as you pinpoint the right spot for the shed.

2. Measure The Front Yard

When it comes to shed location considerations, you should always measure the front yard.

In most cases, you are going to know it is the backyard that is the right spot for a shed. However, this might not be possible depending on how stable the surface is for the shed.

You will want to go through these details by measuring the amount of space you have.

Do you have a distance of 10 feet between the shed’s location and the property? If you don’t, this is going to render the discussion pointless because it will not be safe for the shed to be set up in the front yard.

If you do have space, you can then begin digging into understanding whether or not the surface is ready for the shed.

3. Look For A Stable Surface

It is important to think about how stable the surface is.

If you are not taking the time to look at the surface’s stability, you will miss out on the results you’re hoping for.

A strong base needs to be set up under the shed.

This is going to include a gravel base, which might not be easy to set up in the front yard. Look at all of your options along with how level the surface is.

4. Consider Zoning Laws For Your Region

Have you taken the time to think about the zoning laws in the region?

You will want to take the time to go through the legal stipulations in your region. Some regions are not going to allow for a shed to be set up in the front yard.

It does not matter whether it is 10 feet or more away. They will simply not allow it.

You will also want to take a look at whether this type of addition has to be declared with the municipal government.

It is these details that do matter as no one wants to be dinged later for the addition to their land.

Final Thoughts

Can I put a shed in my front yard?

You can put a shed in the front yard as long as it is a minimum of 10 feet away from the property. It is also recommended to assess the zoning regulations in the region for whether or not it is allowed. When ready to set up the shed make sure to measure everything and build a stable gravel base.

This is how you are going to see solid results and it will work out as you want it to.

Do not start putting a shed in the front yard without going over these details. It is a must to be patient during this process or you are not going to see the results you are after.