Can I Put A Suspension Lift On Pop Up Camper? (Answered)

When figuring out how to raise a pop-up camper, you will need to understand the process and how to make sure it’s done safely.

A lot of simple mistakes can be made and that’s not safe while on the road. As a result, you will want to first figure out whether or not it’s possible to lift a pop-up camper and then how to do it the right way.

Start by asking, “Can I put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper?”

Yes, you can put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper. To do this, find the leaf spring near the axle, remove the part, and then re-install it above the axle. This can be adjusted based on how high the camper has to be lifted.

When done safely, this is the best way to put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper and get it to stay at this height safely.

This guide will share how to put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper and what to consider during the installation.

Steps On How To Put A Suspension Lift On Pop Up Camper

1. Find The Leaf Spring

For the pop-up camper axle lift kit, you need to find a specific part known as the leaf spring.

This part is crucial as this is where the height of the camper can be adjusted. You will need to find the leaf spring and then make sure to take it off.

For this to happen, you will need to know how the leaf spring on a camper looks. In general, it’s going to have a plated design that will be underneath the axle.

It will not take long to find it as long as you are looking in the right spot.

The camper lift kit is a great addition but it has to be done with care. This method tends to work, which is why you are going to want to locate the leaf spring on a pop-up camper as soon as possible.

During this process, you should also inspect the leaf spring to see how it is doing in terms of underlying damage. It might need to be replaced if it is not in good shape.

can i put a suspension lift on pop up camper

2. Remove The Leaf Spring

To install a suspension kit on a pop-up camper, you are going to have to take off the leaf spring.

Why are you going to do this?

The purpose of removing the leaf spring from a pop-up camper is to reposition it. This is the only way you are going to get the camper to rise.

The leaf spring should come off easily when you unscrew it. You are going to have to first locate it and then begin to remove it from underneath the axle. This should take a while but it is going to get the job done.

Please note that you will need to set up lifts to make sure the camper stays in place when you are removing the leaf spring. Do not do it without protection.

3. Install The Leaf Spring Above The Axle

Now it is time to get to the main part of the installation.

You are going to use metal brackets to set up the leaf spring. This is going to be done above the axle.

It’s important to note the location of where the leaf spring is going as that is how you are going to get it to rise to the height you want it to. Do not rush this process and make sure you are increasing the height safely.

4. Tighten And Test The Leaf Spring

You are now going to tighten and test the leaf spring.

A common mistake people make is to not think about how they are setting up the leaf spring and how it is going to age as time goes on.

You will want to make sure the leaf spring does have the height set to where it needs to be. This is a must and it is the only way you are going to get the camper to lift to the desired height.

Final Thoughts

Can I put a suspension lift on pop-up camper?

Yes, you can put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper. To do this the right way, locate the leaf spring underneath the axle (plated design). Remove the leaf spring while supporting the vehicle using lifts, relocate the leaf spring above the axle, and then set the height.

This process is going to take a bit of time and it tends to be far more difficult than a body lift but it can be done.

Focus on this when it comes to setting up the camper and getting it to stay safe. This is just as important as maintaining the camper over the long haul.