Can You Grill Under a Covered Patio?

Using your grill in different places is always intriguing. Whether it is in your garage, backyard, and/or anywhere else, just the idea of grilling your favorite meat is appealing. However, what if you are thinking about grilling under a covered patio? Before doing this, it is important to ask, can you grill under a covered patio?

It is okay to grill under a covered patio as long as there’s more than 8 feet of clearance and there is enough space for airflow (i.e. no screens). This will ensure the smoke doesn’t collect in an enclosed space leading to health-related risks.

It’s always best to plan when it comes to grilling under a covered patio.

This will ensure the process goes ahead as smoothly as you want it to and the grilling experience is perfect.

Key factors include:

  • The Clearance
  • Type of Grill
  • Amount of Space

If it is too tight inside the covered patio, please do not grill in this space. It will not be worth it especially if you are unsure and start asking, “Can you grill under a covered patio?”

A lot of people in this position end up confused and don’t know what to do next. It is always better to be safe than sorry when using a grill on a patio.

This guide will look to analyze the question, “Can you grill under a covered patio?” in more detail to highlight what to look for when grilling under a covered patio in the backyard.

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Things To Consider Before Grilling Under a Covered Patio

1. 8 Feet of Clearance

One of the main details to focus on involves clearance (height).

How tall is your covered patio? Is there enough space to walk inside comfortably? Are you sure there is at least 8-9 feet of clearance?

This is the bare minimum when it comes to using a grill under a covered patio.

Otherwise, it is unsafe because there is not enough clearance to let the airflow and to avoid any type of combustion to occur.

can you grill under a covered patio

2. Amount of Space

How much space is available inside the covered patio when using a grill?

You want to ensure there is ample space to move around, set the grill, and use it while still allowing for smoke to spread.

Otherwise, it becomes a serious health risk and one that you shouldn’t be playing with as a grill owner.

A restricted space with little clearance is never the right type of place to start using a grill as it might become suffocating inside.

Keep things simple and make sure there is at least enough space to walk around inside when setting up the grill.

If you feel it is too tight then it is likely not safe to grill under the covered patio at home.

Anyone that is asking “Can you grill under a covered patio?” has to be sure they are in a safe spot as it can cause significant health issues in the short and long term.

can you grill under a covered patio

3. Airflow

You should never grill on a covered patio with a screen.

This is dangerous, reckless, and is one of those situations where you can cause serious trouble. It is better to ensure there is enough open space for the air to move around.

Remember, the grill is going to produce smoke and it will fill the covered patio.

This is why you want to make sure there is enough airflow to replace the smoky air that is all around the grill.

Due to the smoke production, ample airflow is mandatory for a safe grilling environment or it can lead to suffocation and/or general discomfort inside the covered patio.

This is why you use a grill outdoors in the first place.

Keep this in mind if you are wondering “Can you grill under a covered patio?” because it will play a role in whether or not it is safe.

Related Questions

1. Can You Put a Grill Under a Roof?

It is not recommended to expose the grill to roofing material as it may be flammable and/or combustible. If you do grill under a roof, make sure there is at least 9 feet of clearance to avoid unnecessary risk.

2. Is It Safe To Grill Under a Gazebo

It is not recommended to grill under a gazebo. This has to do with the lack of clearance, which can cause the grill to become a safety hazard upon use.

Final Thoughts

Can you grill under a covered patio?

In general, it is okay to use a grill under a covered patio as long as it doesn’t have a screen and there is at least 8 feet of clearance above.

If these factors are accounted for, you are going to be good to go!