Can You Put a Hot Tub Under a Deck? (And Which One!)

The idea of placing your deck in a safe part of the backyard is easier said than done. You are going to have a long list of places that would be suitable, but it’s not always convenient when it comes to access, durability, and general quality. If these are details you are thinking about, you may wonder, can you put a hot tub under a deck?

A hot tub can be placed under a deck as long as there’s enough clearance to enter and exit while also making sure to protect the underneath of the deck.

If these considerations are kept in mind, there is no problem installing a hot tub under the deck. In fact, for a lot of people this might be the only spot available to them and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you prep in advance!

The key factors include:

  • Clearance for Entering and Exiting
  • Air Flow
  • Drainage for the Deck

A lot of property owners will worry about installing a deck under the deck but it is not a problem these days. You are going to have everything made available to you and the installation is going to look the part too!

If you are wondering, “Can you put a hot tub under a deck?” then it is more about preparation on your end.

New-age hot tubs are perfect for placing in all parts of the backyard whether you want to put it on a deck or underneath.

This guide will go further into the question “Can you put a hot tub under a deck?” while also assessing what the most important factors are when setting up a hot tub under your deck for the first time.

Best Hot Tub for Under Your Deck (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips for a Hot Tub Under a Deck

1. Consider Drainage for the Deck

The main detail to think about will be the drainage.

Let’s assume it rains one day, you are going to need the water to go somewhere. It is going to leak through the deck straight onto your hot tub leading to potential long-term damages.

This is why it is essential to think about and make sure the water has a way to drain away from the hot tub and you.

The best way to do this is to install a proper drainage system when setting up the hot tub. Otherwise, you can always use a tarp for the deck’s surface.

can you put a hot tub under a deck

2. Ensure a Couple Feet of Clearance

You will have to focus on the measurements with an installation such as this. If you are asking, “Can you put a hot tub under a deck?” then this has to be your main focus.

The idea is to have at least 5-6 feet of clearance between the deck and the top of your hot tub.

The steam coming from a hot tub has to go somewhere and having a bit of clearance will make sure the underneath of the deck doesn’t get damaged due to wear and tear.

The reason for doing this is simple.

You are going to need space to enter and you will want to make sure the steam doesn’t damage the underneath of your deck.

If you can get more than 5-6 feet of clearance then that is even better!

can you put a hot tub under a deck

3. Focus on Air Flow

The air has to flow nicely for the hot tub to work as planned.

Imagine settling into a working hot tub under your deck and then realizing it is impossible to sit for too long due to the lack of air.

This is going to become suffocating not to mention dangerous!

Air flow tends to be the biggest concern, which is why having 1-2 sides open is a must to let air come and go. This will ensure the hot tub works as planned.

It is essential to think about this when asking “Can you put a hot tub under a deck?”

You have to focus on the air entering and exiting underneath the deck when the hot tub is on. This is the only way you can move forward with the installation.

Final Thoughts

“Can you put a hot tub under a deck?”

Placing a hot tub under your deck is not a problem at all. The goal is to make sure there’s enoguh space to enter the hot tub, a focused drainage setup, and enough emphasis on making sure air comes into the area at all times.

If there are any issues in this regard then the hot tub won’t work as planned.

You have to think about these details to the best of your ability and then move forward with the hot tub installation under your deck.

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