Can You Put a Rug Under a Gas Fire Pit? (And Which One to Use!)

When you set up a gas fire pit in the backyard, it can be a tremendous addition. It will add value to those cold nights when you’re sitting with family and friends just soaking in the moment, enjoying a meal, and spending time outdoors. However, what happens when the gas fire pit starts damaging the ground? This is when it’s time to ask a key question, can you put a rug under a gas fire pit?

Rugs under a gas fire pit are ideal for preventing short and long-term damage to the ground.

It’s recommended to find a well-sized rug that covers each corner of the fire pit and ensures the area around it is fully protected.

The benefits of a rug can include:

  • Proper Coverage
  • Peace of Mind
  • Ideal for Windy Conditions

With a gas fire pit, you are going to see quite a bit of damage if you’re not careful! It’s easy to get carried away and place the gas fire pit in your backyard without protection.

To avoid serious damage, it’s recommended to invest in a high-quality rug for under the gas fire pit.

Just doing this is going to make a serious difference and will ensure the results are worthwhile. You are going to enjoy the perks that come along with the rug and it will be easy to use over the long-term.

Here’s a look at the query, “Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit?” along with what type of rug is going to be beneficial for your setup in the backyard.

Best Fire Pit Rug for Gas Fire Pit (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips for Buying a Rug for Your Gas Fire Pit

1. Choose the Right Size

Before doing anything else, you will want to look for a well-sized rug for the fire pit.

This means it should not only cover the area under the fire pit, but also around it. This should be approximately 1-2 feet to each side.

If you have enough space for a larger rug and it doesn’t look unappealing then that is the direction you should go in!

The goal is to protect the area around it as that is where the embers do the most damage. Keep the area safe with the help of a properly sized rug.

Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit

2. Should Do Well Against Wind and Inclement Weather

Imagine having a burst of wind come into the backyard and tip over the rug.

This is dangerous as the embers are going to pour onto the ground and the gas fire pit is going to lose stability too.

It’s essential to focus on this when asking “Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit?”

A good rug for under the fire pit is only going to work when it doesn’t move.

Wind can lift the rug off the ground causind additional damage making stainless steel grommet a plus when buying one.

With stainless steel grommets on each edge, you are going to know the rug won’t move as soon as it is set up.

This will offer peace of mind for those who are going to be using the gas fire pit regularly.

If not, the burst of wind is going to knock over everything and make quite a mess.

3. Look for Reflective Edging

Reflective edging is an underrated component of a good fire pit rug.

Why does this matter?

Let’s assume it starts getting dark outside with the gas fire pit on. You may know where the fire pit is, but what about the rug?

You could step on the embers and/or grease and leave a mess on the ground. It is also dangerous, which is why you want the reflective material helping out.

Even a 50% reduction of light around a gas fire pit can lead to harm with embers on the ground in the yard.

Just having a little bit of visibility is going to make a serious difference.

This is key when asking “Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit?” because you want to know the rug is going to keep you safe both during the day and night.

Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit

4. Complies With USFS & BLM Fire Blanket Regulations

The USFS & BLM Fire Blanket regulations are the gold standard when it comes to rugs under a fire pit.

If the rug doesn’t pass this standard then it is not the right fit!

Look for this and make sure you are getting the real deal. Otherwise, as soon as the embers fall onto the rug, it is going to start bursting into flames, which is dangerous and the last thing you want while sitting near a gas fire pit.

Final Thoughts

“Can you put a rug under a gas fire pit?”

Rugs are recommended for placing under a gas fire pit because they provide comprehensive protection and are easy to set up.

Other solutions are going to take a lot of time and aren’t worthwhile.

Keep things simple and buy a good rug for your fire pit in the backyard.

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