Can You Survive A Tsunami In A Pool?

Tsunamis are a series of waves leading to overflowing water spreading across a large region. This can have a tremendously negative impact on the surrounding infrastructure, human life, and everything in between. Due to this, it’s natural to wonder what can be done to survive a tsunami if you’re at home or in a backyard. Can you survive a tsunami in a pool?

Jumping into a large swimming pool during a tsunami will not save your life. The surge of water and debris will flow over top of the swimming pool leading to you drowning or getting severely hurt.

It’s a risky proposition and not the wisest decision when it comes to surviving a tsunami.

Key reasons include:

  • Amount of Water
  • Size of the Swimming Pool
  • Debris

It’s often assumed a tsunami is nothing more than a lot of water. This is untrue as it is a significant amount of water and brings along with it large debris that can instantly kill a person upon contact.

A lot of people underestimate the impact of debris in tsunamis. It can become impossible to evade even if you are inside a swimming pool during a tsunami.

This article is going to look to answer your question, “Can you survive a tsunami in a pool?” while also focusing on understanding what should be done to survive a tsunami.

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Best Ways to Survive a Tsunami

1. Find Higher Ground

When asking “Can you survive a tsunami in a pool?” it’s best to look for higher ground.

Try to go as high as possible on land.

For a lot of people, this will be a significant hill or mountain that is nearby. This can be a good way to stay protected from the water as it impales everything in sight on the ground.

If this isn’t possible, it’s okay to look for specific structures that are well-made and are going to take you on higher ground. This is not always the recommended option as listed below, but it is an option you should consider if there is nothing else in front of you.

You can save your life by doing this and for most situations, this is going to be enough to stay out of the tsunami’s way.

Please note, you are going to have act fast when this type of situation occurs.

It is due to this reason you can’t survive in a swimming pool during a tsunami. You will have to find higher ground and that is not the swimming pool in your yard!

can you survive a tsunami in a pool

2. Head Inland Immediately

You should be rushing inland.

This is going to make sure you are running ahead of the waves of water. Never look to go towards the water as that is how you are going to end up getting caught in a terrible situation.

Continue to rush inland as that is where the water is going to be least damaging.

Tsunami waves will only travel a certain distance before the water levels off making it better to head inwards ahead of the flow.

The further you go, the better it’s going to be.

This is why anyone asking “Can you survive a tsunami in a pool?” shouldn’t look to head for their pool. It simply doesn’t work!

Your goal should be to rush as far away from the water as possible.

can you survive a tsunami in a pool

3. Stay Away From Buildings or Large Structures

It is common for individuals to panic and look for buildings or large structures.

Yes, this is okay if you have nothing else, but it is also possible for these buildings to collapse from the water. This is why you have to be selective about where you are resting during the tsunami. A fence near a swimming pool is not enough.

Tsunamis are known for wreaking havoc on buildings and their foundations, which can cause them to topple on top of victims.

When tsunamis take place around weak infrastructure, it’s often noticed that buildings fall.

This is why you should look to find higher natural ground that is going to be away from trees, structures, and/or buildings.

This is always the safest bet.

Final Thoughts

Can you survive a tsunami in a pool?

No, you cannot survive a tsunami in a pool assuming you will get away from the surge of water. Tsunamis are not just about a lot of water flowing into the surrounding areas. They also bring along with them significant debris.

It is this debris that can cause a lot of damage.

Look to find higher ground, stay away from buildings, and make sure you are rushing inland as soon as possible. This is the right way to go about surviving a tsunami in your area.

Look into these details when it comes to any type of swimming pool.