Can You Use a Patio Heater in a Screened Porch? (And Which One Is Best!)

Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch?

Patio heaters can be used in a screened porch and will provide sufficient heat assuming it can handle the coverage area.

It’s recommended to invest in a high-value patio heater for porches to see positive results. A lot of people don’t buy an efficient patio heater and then wonder why it doesn’t work as intended. The main issue has to do with ineffective performance rather than where the patio heater is situated.

The benefits of a patio heater include:

  • Exceptional Performance
  • Safe
  • Proven to Work Well

When asking “Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch?” it’s essential to focus on a solution that is going to handle the heating needs of a porch.

In general, the average porch is going to be 5-10 celsius warmer than what’s happening outside. This has to be taken into account when it is time to warm a screened porch safely.

Take your time, consider your options, and make the most of what you are using.

This guide will look at answering your question, “Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch?” while also highlighting how to use a good patio heater in a screened porch safely.

Best Patio Heater for Screened Porch (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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How to Use a Patio Heater in a Screened Porch

1. Use an Electric Patio Heater

When it is time to buy a patio heater for your porch, it’s essential to go through the various types that are available on the open market. You can get a gas-based patio heater, but it is not going to be as safe as a traditional electric patio heater.

Plus, you will know the electric patio heater is going to be far more effective in an enclosed space.

Of course, it all boils down to the type of patio heater you end up getting. It should have good reviews, work well, and not take up a lot of space within the enclosed porch.

Otherwise, you won’t want to use it due to the amount of space it takes up!

Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch

2. Keep it Close to the Power Source

Where is the patio heater being positioned on the porch?

Your goal should be to keep it close to the power source. A simple change such as this can go a long way in optimizing how long the patio heater lasts, especially if you are using it regularly.

Sometimes, people will use long extension cords and those can breakdown over time.

When the patio heater is closer to the power outlet, there are less hurdles associated with keeping it effective and consistent.

It’s better to keep it near the power outlet, so you can control how it works.

Getting the power directly into the patio heater is going to make a difference. It can also help with efficiency as the patio heater will be getting 100% electricity with this approach.

Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch

3. Keep the Door Closed

Is the door closed when you start running the patio heater on the porch?

In most cases, you are going to want to keep the cold out. Otherwise, the heater is only going to do so much before it starts failing while cold air enters.

It’s best to keep the door closed, so it works the way you want it to.

To retain heat, it is best to maximize the setup by keeping the screened porch as insulated as possible.

Just by closing the porch door, you are going to end up seeing a 5-10% increase in heat retention and that alone is powerful.

Why settle for less when you can make the most of a good patio heater?

This is what you have to push for as a person that wants to sit on their porch.

4. Use a Mat

It is always recommended to put something underneath the patio heater when using it on a porch.

While most patio heaters aren’t going to damage the surface, it is still something you don’t want to take a chance with. If you have an older patio heater, it makes sense to use a mat that is going to keep the heat away from the flooring.

Just a simple change such as this can provide peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

“Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch?”

There is nothing wrong with using a patio heater in a screened porch as long as you are buying a good-quality solution that will offer enough heat throughout the day.

This is how you are going to enjoy the perks of a patio heater on your porch.

Take your time when buying a new patio heater and ensure it is going to offer enough value when it is time to put it to the test.