Can You Use An Indoor Space Heater Outside? (And Which One Is Best!)

Can you use an indoor space heater outside?

Indoor space heaters can be used outside as long as they are covered from inclement weather. Most are designed to be weather-resistant, but it’s always better to keep the indoor space heater protected.

If it is protected, the indoor space heater will work well outdoors and is going to add value to your space.

The benefits include:

  • Excellent Coverage
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Efficient Use of Energy

It’s common to want to purchase a separate space heater for the outdoors. However, this is a waste of money and it’s usually better to save a little bit and buy a high-value indoor space heater for outside.

This will ensure you get to use it in all situations and get more value for your money!

If you are thinking about the question, “Can you use an indoor space heater outside?” it’s also important to look at what a good indoor space heater should provide. This guide will take a look at how to make sure you buy the right indoor space heater and how to ensure you’re using the indoor space heater properly outdoors.

Best Indoor Space Heater for Outside (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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How to Use an Indoor Space Heater Outside

1. Keep the Indoor Space Heater Covered

You should always focus on choosing an indoor space heater that is weather-resistant, but it’s also important to keep the indoor space heater covered.

The goal is to make sure the heater doesn’t get soaked in water/snow when left outside. This can cause major issues and will eventually take a toll on the heater.

It’s recommended to take your time and ensure everything is being done to keep it out of the inclement weather outside. Even if you believe it can survive extended time outside in the rain, this is not something you want to test for too long!

can you use an indoor space heater outside

2. Avoid Using a Long Extension Cord

Using an extension cord is one of the more common mistakes people make when it is time to put an indoor space heater outside.

The general idea is they take the extension cord and have it winding through grass, weeds, and all sorts of natural elements that can lead to damage.

Sometimes, the device itself is okay, but the extension cord causes problems.

Most issues arise from the extension cords that are hooked onto these units making it important to minimize exposure to the elements when it comes to the power cord.

It is better to keep the indoor space heater closer to the power outlet.

This will make it easier to manage and you are not going to have to worry about the extension cord’s health throughout the year.

can you use an indoor space heater outside

3. Warm Up the Heater First

When asking “Can you use an indoor space heater outside?” you will want to think about warming up the indoor space heater outside.

The goal is to give it a bit of time to adjust to the drop in temperature. Remember, wind tends to make things colder and that is going to put additional stress on the heater.

Keep things simple and slowly ramp things up when it comes to using the indoor space heater.

Running an indoor space heater at 100% immediately can cause it to breakdown due to the inconsistent conditions outdoors.

Just by doing this, you are going to see improved performance from the indoor space heater.

If you don’t think about these things, it is possible to burn out the indoor space heater before it gets the opportunity to settle in!

This is a mistake you have to avoid and it is a good habit to have even when using the heater indoors.

4. Sit Closer to the Heater

Just like taking the time to warm up the indoor space heater, it is also smart to sit closer to it. This will seem like a simple solution, but it is one that is going to keep your device in good health over the long-term.

In general, you don’t want to test the indoor space heater’s coverage by sitting far away and then ramping things up.

This can cause it to breakdown and that is the last thing you are going to want.

Final Thoughts

“Can you use an indoor space heater outside?”

Indoor space heaters are world-class solutions for staying warm as the temperature drops. While they work well in the living room, bathroom, and/or family room, they also do well when it comes to the outdoors.

Modern engineering has made it possible to change things up in a way that is truly remarkable and that is why you should be investing in one too.

The value you are going to get from an indoor space heater is well worth it.