Chlorine Test Orange In The Pool (Solved)

When you complete a chlorine test, it can often indicate the amount of chlorine in the pool and whether or not action is required.

Most pool owners will become suspicious of there being too much chlorine in the pool when the skin gets irritated during a swimming session or there’s a noticeable odor coming from the pool water.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand the chlorine test results in front of you. This includes when the chlorine test is orange.

If the chlorine test is orange, this indicates there’s excess chlorine in the water. A darker orange or brown means there’s a lot of chlorine and it should be removed. To remove chlorine from the pool, use a chlorine neutralizer and let it sit in the water.

Learning how to lower chlorine in the water is a must.

You do not want too much chlorine in the pool water as it will do more damage than good. It is not ideal to swim in this type of water for long durations.

Here is a look at the reasons your chlorine test is orange.

Reasons Chlorine Test Is Orange In The Pool

1. Indicates A Slightly Higher Level Of Free Chlorine

Bright orange chlorine test results can be confusing.

You will want to get a better read on what’s going on leading to the orange result. Is there a reason it’s bright orange?

Yes, a bright orange chlorine test result means there is a slightly higher level of free chlorine in the pool water. The darker it is, the more free chlorine you are dealing with in the pool.

When the chlorine reading is orange, you will have to address it.

You might not need to act quickly if it is bright orange. This is just letting you know there is a bit of extra chlorine that might not be good for the water. You can run a pH test at the same time to see how bad it is.

However, when it is darker orange, you will need to look at a chlorine neutralizer as soon as you can.

chlorine test orange

2. The pH Might Be High

High chlorine levels are concerning.

However, you will also need to get a better look at the pool water, which means using a pH testing kit. This testing kit is going to let you get a read on what the current pH level is for the pool water.

It’s important to dig into this so you are not making mistakes when it comes to how safe the pool water is.

In most cases, the pH is going to be too high, which means changes are required. You will need to adjust the pH in the pool water or this is not going to be safe to swim in.

3. Excess Chroline Causes Test To Be Brown

If you tested the chlorine level in the pool and it’s orange, this means there is a slight increase in chlorine in the pool water.

This is a good sign to act fast.

Otherwise, you will start to notice brown water in the swimming pool. This is when there is way too much chlorine in the water along with potential contaminants. The water at this point is going to be unusable and you will want to drain it.

In some cases, you can clean brown water in the pool.

This will require the right chlorine neutralizer along with the pH testing kit to see what the pH level is.

4. It’s Time To Reduce The Chlorine In The Pool

So, what will you do to get rid of the chlorine in the pool?

If there is a lot of chlorine in the pool, you will want to find a way to reduce it. The best solution is going to be a chlorine neutralizer.

Using a chlorine neutralizer in the pool is effective because it will cut down on how much chlorine is in the pool and it will help you act as fast as you want to.

It is best to follow the directions as listed on the chemical neutralizer for the swimming pool. This will ensure you can act fast and take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Why is the chlorine test orange in the pool?

The chlorine test is orange in the pool because there is excess chlorine in the pool water. If it is a darker orange, this means there is a lot of chlorine in the pool and it should be removed. This can be done with the help of a quality chlorine neutralizer.

Follow the directions to get rid of the chlorine in the swimming pool.

The chlorine neutralizer will get the job done and is going to make sure you can swim in the pool again.