Can You Start Cleaning The RV Black Tank With Ice? (Explained)

The RV black tank is one element that must be kept in good shape year-round.

You need to know what can be used to ensure it runs as required and does not get clogged. Unfortunately, RV owners tend to start using unsafe items and will not add value to the set up as soon as they are in place.

This is when it becomes important to look at some of the options that are out there. A person might even think about cleaning an RV’s black tank with ice.

It’s not wise to start cleaning an RV black tank with ice. The ice cubes are too hard and will either clog the system or damage them. This not only includes specific parts of the black tank but also the sensors. It’s better to use cleaning products made for this part of the RV.

You do not want a situation where the RV black tank is in bad shape. This is when things begin to spiral out of control and you can ruin other parts of the RV black tank over time.

This is why you do not want to use ice in an RV black tank at any point. It will not work.

Here is more on why you should not be adding ice to an RV black tank and why it’s best to look for RV-friendly treatment options.

Reasons To Not Start Cleaning RV Black Tank With Ice

1. Can Damage The Sensor

Let’s begin with an integral part of the RV black tank.

The reason you do not want to start adding ice to the tank is because of the damage it can do. This is not just about adding ice and then hoping it will pass through.

It’s not going to pass through without doing damage.

In many cases, the ice is hard to the point it is going to ruin the sensor. This is a repair you are not going to want to deal with because it is going to impact how the tank works.

The ice is not good for the tank and it is going to impact the sensor as soon as it is in place.

2. Potential Clogging

You will also want to consider clogging.

Clogging might not happen due to the ice, but it will become an issue depending on how the ice interacts with what is in the black tank.

You have to be methodical with what you are adding as the purpose is to improve how the RV black tank functions. If you are not doing this, how are you going to feel secure with the way the tank works?

The tank is not going to work properly and you are now going to be dealing with clogging.

3. Does Not Work

In general, anytime you look to use a solution that works, you have to think about whether or not it’s going to work over time.

You can’t have a situation where the tank does not work.

This becomes a real hurdle to deal with and that’s the last thing you are going to want because the repairs are going to add up.

You have to make sure things are done with a purpose and that includes only choosing solutions that work.

This is not going to include the ice in the black tank because it will yield minimal results assuming nothing is damaged along the way.

4. Unsafe

It is important to think about safety.

The safety of your tank is going to be in question when you add ice into the mix. This is not going to go well because other elements of the system are also going to get impacted.

Most people will assume the damage is going to stay within the tank but that is assuming the tank remains fine. If it does not, the problem is going to extend to other parts and that is the last thing you are going to want to see occur.

Always focus on safety because that is the best way to make sure the tank does stay in good shape over time.

Final Thoughts

When it’s time to deal with an RV black tank with ice, these tips will make it a lot easier to clean it wisely.

It is not smart to add ice to an RV black tank. This is going to damage the sensor and/or other parts of the tank while also leading to potential clogging. It’s also not going to work as intended and there are better RV-friendly products that should be used.

Always look for RV-friendly products for the black tank.

This is how you are going to keep the RV black tank in good shape and it will not begin to clog right away. Do not compromise on this when it comes to doing things the right way.