Do Cassette Toilets Smell? (Explained)

It’s important to understand the impact of an odor when it comes to the RV.

Most RV owners are going to have a selection of options available to them to regulate the underlying odor. You don’t want it to get to the point where it’s uncomfortable.

This is when you have to consider, do cassette toilets smell?

Yes, cassette toilets do smell. This occurs due to chemicals and/or waste building up inside. To control this odor, it’s best to continue emptying the cassette toilet and make sure it’s sealed.

If you don’t take the time to seal a cassette toilet, it is going to start leaking bad odors. These are odors that are hard to then control until you remove the cassette toilet and empty it.

You will always want to be focused on taking care of a cassette toilet over the long haul. If you don’t do this, the damage can be extensive and that’s what you want to avoid at all costs.

This is the only way to make sure the cassette toilet is clean and usable.

Here are the best ways to reduce the smell of cassette toilets.

How To Reduce The Smell Of Cassette Toilets

1. Empty The Toilet Regularly

It is important to have a maintenance schedule when it comes to a cassette toilet in the RV.

If you are going to be spending time outdoors, you will want to make sure this element is taken care of. The RV is a great place to be but that is only when the cassette toilet is in good shape.

Look at your options with a cassette toilet along with how you are going to maintain it over time.

A lot of people will not empty the cassette toilet regularly. This leads to the odors collecting and getting worse with time.

Imagine the waste getting old and that is what you are going to end up smelling. This gets worse when the cassette toilet is unsealed.

2. Seal The Toilet

This is one of the most important details to think about with a cassette toilet.

You don’t want a situation where the toilet is leaking odors. This can be due to a small gap in the cassette toilet that is going to get worse with time. The more you leave it in this condition, the worse it is going to get and that’s the last thing you will want to see happen.

Your best option is to make sure the toilet is sealed.

If you do this, the toilet is not going to stink up the surrounding area and that’s what matters most.

Look to see if there are gaps in the cassette toilet and then adjust. This is how you are going to be sure it will do well and is going to be a good addition to your trip.

3. Ventilate The Area

How are you ventilating the space?

This is just as important as sealing the cassette toilet. You don’t want a situation where the toilet continues to stink as that is going to get worse when the area around it is not ventilated.

This means the odors are going to collect in the area and that is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Take the time to make sure there is air flowing through the area. The more you look into this, the easier it will get to make sure the odor is kept to a minimum.

RV owners that don’t do this are the ones that are going to pay a heavy price for something like this.

4. Use Deodorizers

What type of deodorizer are you using for the setting?

Since this is a good portable RV toilet to have in your setup, it is essential to make sure the odors are kept at bay.

While it is great to prevent the odors from spreading, this is just one part of the equation. You will want to take the time to make sure you are using a deodorizer.

This is how you are going to improve the air quality and it is not going to be uncomfortable with time.

Final Thoughts

Do cassette toilets smell?

Cassette toilets do smell. This occurs when the waste and/or chemicals in the toilet begin to leak. It’s best to have a schedule for emptying the cassette toilet and maintain a proper seal to avoid the odors leaking. It’s also recommended to ventilate the space.

This is how you are going to get more from the RV toilet and it will not be uncomfortable for those who are using it.

Having a good maintenance schedule for the RV toilet is a great idea.

It’s the best way to make sure the cassette toilet is useful and something you are going to want to use regularly.