Do Traeger Pellets Void Warranty? (Answered)

When you start looking for pellets, it’s important to know what is valid and what is not.

Most users of a Traeger grill will be unsure about what is acceptable. This creates a situation where you are worried about voiding the warranty on your pellet grill by making the wrong decision.

This includes wondering, do Traeger pellets void warranty?

Non-Traeger pellets can void the warranty according to the manufacturer’s policy. It’s recommended to use Traeger pellets to avoid voiding the warranty. However, most federal regulations state this is not valid as a stipulation and cannot be enforced by a company.

It is up to you as to what is best moving forward.

Some will prefer going forward with non-branded pellets for their Traeger while others are going to follow the rules.

It’s up to you as to what is the right strategy.

This article is going to provide a few tips on how to find the right Traeger pellets and what to avoid doing.

Tips On Finding The Right Traeger Pellets

1. Go With The Official Pellets

This is the simplest solution.

The reason going with Traeger pellets is ideal comes down to knowing you are getting a fine-tuned solution for that specific pellet grill.

Why take the chance when you are a new user?

You will want to learn the ropes of how to use the Traeger and it is wise to do this with the branded pellets. You will get a better feel of how the pellet grill runs and how it can be optimized for your needs moving forward.

After you do this, it is better to start looking at other options based on your desired flavor profile.

The average new pellet grill owner will not know what to look for. This creates a situation where you will end up getting the wrong pellets and they will not be in line with what you need.

Go with the branded pellets and know the grill will work like a charm.

2. Consider The Flavor Profile

When people state the Traeger is acting up or the pellet grill refuses to heat properly, you will have to look at the pellets.

A lot of issues stem from the wrong type of pellets for the Traeger.

Another detail that you will want to think about is the flavor profile and how it is impacted by the pellets. If you choose the wrong ones, this is going to impact how the food tastes as soon as it is grilled.

This is something you will want to mull over.

As time goes on, you will begin to understand the importance of this and it is essential to go through detailed reviews of how the pellets affect the grilled food’s taste.

3. Durability Is Important

You will also want to take the time to think about durability.

The wrong type of pellets will not last a long time and are going to stop burning. This is not good for the grill and it is going to come to a stop as soon as the pellets run out or lose their quality.

It is important to think about how the pellets will last in a Traeger.

You also want to make sure the Traeger heats the right way and continues to run as it is designed to. This is why most prefer going with the branded pellets as they are designed to work with this pellet grill.

4. Don’t Go For The Cheapest Pellets

Let’s assume you are looking at going with different types of pellets for a Traeger.

You will wonder what is going to be wise for the pellet grill and what is going to ruin its efficiency. This is a good detail to think about to ensure you are not taking a risk.

In general, the one rule you are going to want to abide by is the type of pellet you go with.

You do not want a situation where you are investing in the cheapest pellets on the open market. These are pellets that are not going to age well and are going to harm the taste profile of your grilled food.

Final Thoughts

Do Traeger pellets void warranty?

Non-branded Traeger pellets will void the warranty as listed in the manufacturer’s policy. It is recommended to stick to branded pellets for optimal results. However, federal regulations state this is illegal and a company cannot enforce such policies.

It is important to think about which direction you wish to go in as a Traeger owner.

Do you want to take the chance of buying different pellets for the Traeger? Do you want to stick to what is sold by the company?

It is all about looking at your risk tolerance and how much you dislike the branded pellets. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding.