Does Leaving A Pool Cover On Cause Algae? (Fixed)

Algae in a swimming pool is something you’re going to want to avoid at all costs.

It will ruin the water quality and it is going to demand a more rigorous solution to get rid of. This is why you will want to be proactive and better understand what is causing algae to form in a pool.

With this in mind, you will want to ask, does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

Yes, leaving a pool cover on can cause algae. It’s important for the poolwater to get sunlight and regular exposure to air. If the pool cover remains on for long periods, it will lead to an increase in algae. It’s also recommended to not let water sit on the pool cover.

A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to algae in a pool.

You will want to be proactive with how you are maintaining the pool cover and how it is cleaned. This is the only way to remain out in front of a problem such as this.

This guide is going to look at what you need to consider as you learn how to prevent algae caused by a pool cover.

How To Prevent Algae Caused By A Pool Cover

1. Don’t Keep The Pool Cover On For Long Periods

It starts with how long the pool cover is kept on.

When algae shows up in a pool, it is going to be due to how the water is treated. If you are keeping it under the pool cover for long periods then you are asking for trouble.

This is when the pool cover is not going to remain in good shape and you will end up with concerning results.

It’s important to set a schedule where you are removing the pool cover for a day when it is sunny. You don’t need to remove it during the rain or snow.

Just make sure you are moving it when the weather is clear and the sun can hit the water.

This will bode well for the swimming pool and it is also going to let you use the pool cover whenever you need.

2. Don’t Let Water Sit On The Pool Cover

A lot of people are concerned about letting water sit on the pool cover and that’s something you will want to pay attention to.

Too much water on the pool cover is a bad thing.

This is not just about ruining the pool cover but also dealing with excess water getting into the pool. You want to avoid this as it will lead to pH imbalances.

It is important to make sure that water is kept off of the cover with a proper draining setup.

This is a mistake pool owners make and it leads to serious concerns as time goes on.

3. Check Drainage For The Pool Cover

Just like you don’t want to keep pool water on the cover, you will also want to think about how the water is draining off of the pool cover.

Modern pool covers are going to have a draining setup where the water will roll off.

This is not always going to be the case but it is something you will want to look into.

It’s also essential to check for other ways to drain the pool cover depending on the layout of the pool. You can do this with manual options too if nothing else works.

4. Expose Poolwater To Sunlight Regularly

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind.

When the pool water is not getting enough sunlight, you are going to be creating the perfect environment for issues to arise.

This includes algae forming in the pool.

You want to make sure sunlight does not lead to this type of trouble as it is not good over the long haul and it will lead to concerns that are not easy to manage.

Always take a day during the month where the pool cover is moved out of the way for the sunlight to hit the water.

This will also include increased airflow, which is going to help add oxygen to the water.

Final Thoughts

Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

Yes, leaving a pool cover on can cause algae. This only happens when the pool cover is kept on for long periods. To fix this issue, remove the pool cover periodically and let the sunlight hit the water. It’s also recommended to remove water from the pool cover and have a proper drainage setup.

You do not want water sitting on top of the pool cover as that is when things don’t work out as you want them to.

If you are patient, you will see good results when it comes to how the pool cover works out.