Does Towing A Car Behind An RV Damage It? (Fixed)

When it is time to start focusing on how you’re going to set up an RV, most people will only think about that specific fixture.

However, you might also want to think about towing a car behind the RV.

Before doing this, it’s important to ask questions that matter such as does towing a car behind an RV damage it?

Towing a car behind an RV will not damage it as long as it is correctly attached. In rare cases, towed vehicles will pick up cosmetic damages such as cracks on windshields or small scrapes along the sides. Nothing will impact the vehicle’s performance.

If you are worried about the vehicle’s main components getting damaged then you don’t need to be concerned at all.

This article is going to take a look at potential damages when towing car behind an RV and what to consider when it is time to set everything into place.

Ways Towing A Car Behind An RV Can Damage It

1. Windshield Cracks

This is the most common way a car can get damaged behind an RV when towed to it.

Most people are going to set up the car properly, which means it is not going to move side-to-side or fall out of line while driving.

This is dangerous and it is something you are going to want to dig into as much as possible. You do not want a situation where the vehicle is out of control or unstable.

With this in mind, it is still possible for cosmetic damages to take place when towing a vehicle behind an RV.

These damages can include something such as windshield cracks.

When a vehicle is set up in such a position, it is possible for small stones to hit the windshield. This happens depending on the road conditions and the distance being traveled.

For the most part, this does not happen but it is potential damage to look out for when using an RV.

In general, the windshield is going to crack where the stone hit it. This can also be any other type of debris depending on what is going on while driving.

2. Small Scratches

While being inside an RV is fun, it is important to note that towing a vehicle behind an RV exposes it to potential damage along the sides too.

This includes small scratches.

You don’t want a situation where the scratches are exaggerated and it can happen depending on the distance that’s covered.

Small scratches are not going to ruin the vehicle’s performance.

For the most part, these scratches are going to be easy to work on and you can get rid of them with a few minutes of bodywork.

It is also important to note that this is still rare.

You are not going to always have to deal with small scratches, especially if it is secured properly.

3. Small Dents

You have to think about the potential for dents.

When it comes to using an RV, you also have to think about how secure the vehicle is going to be. This can create a scenario where small dents appear.

You don’t want a situation where the small dents turn into big ones. This is not going to happen unless the vehicle is not hitched properly.

If it is secure, you will be good to go.

It comes down to the damage that is done to the body. You will want to be careful about how things are set up.

4. Loose External Parts

This is something that only happens when the vehicle is not attached properly to the RV.

The issue is the external parts are going to rattle as the vehicle moves.

If the parts are already loose, they will get worse. This is why you have to be meticulous during the towing process to make sure it is in place the way it needs to be.

Do not rush the process and make sure the parts are secure.

If it is secure, you will be good to go and it is not going to create serious concerns. If you are not careful, this can also impact the RV.

Final Thoughts

Does towing a car behind an RV damage it?

Towing a car behind an RV will not damage it. This is assuming it is secured correctly. If there is any type of damage, it will be cosmetic. This can include windshield cracks, small scratches, and dents. Towing the vehicle will not affect its performance.

Any type of damage that occurs is easy to fix and will not have lingering consequences.

This means you can freely tow a vehicle behind an RV and feel good about it.

This is essential when you are looking to use an RV the right way and do not want to cut corners during the towing process.

Take your time to tow it properly and you will be fine. This is just like any other element when maintaining an RV and using it for towing purposes.