Dometic AC Not Turning On (Fixed)

When it’s time to begin assessing what’s going on with the Dometic AC, it’s important to look at where the problem lies before addressing the issue.

You will have to understand the finer details of a process such as this to make sure there is enough power going to the unit. In some cases, the unit is simply not going to run as required and that will cause it to struggle.

The first detail you are going to want to think about is why the Dometic AC is not turning on.

If the Dometic AC is not turning on, check the power source going to the AC and see if the compressor is malfunctioning. Other issues can include a circuit breaker that has been tripped due to a power surge or a blown fuse. It’s also recommended to remove debris from an air filter if it is clogged.

The Dometic AC is not going to run until these issues are fixed. You might have to change the air filter in the Dometic AC when this occurs or look at the power cord to see if it is damaged.

The issue is going to vary but you will want to get to the bottom of this to get the Dometic AC to run the right way.

This article will look at the main tips for fixing the Dometic AC that’s not turning on properly.

Tips For Fixing Dometic AC Not Turning On

1. Check Power Going To The AC

The best place to start is the main power source.

The premise of looking at the power source is to see if there is enough electricity going to the unit at any given moment.

If it is not, this is the main reason that is causing the Dometic air conditioner to stop working. It’s essential to look at the structural integrity of the AC along with how it is being set up for the long haul.

Until you do this, you are going to be unsure about the power that is going to the unit. You will have to look into this to make sure the results are good.

2. Inspect The Compressor

You will have to inspect the compressor in greater detail.

It’s possible the compressor in the Dometic AC is not turning on or it is starting to malfunction. This is not going to let the compressor run properly and it will create a situation where enough power is not going to go through to the unit.

It’s essential to test this part of the unit to see how it’s holding up and if it needs to be repaired.

It’s common for this to happen and sometimes you will have to let the unit sit for a while without having power going through it to fix the issue.

3. Look For A Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit Breaker

This is one of the more common issues you are going to see when an AC won’t turn on.

In general, when the fuse has blown, it is not going to let the unit start. This is when you will have to take the time to find where the fuse is in the Dometic AC and then make sure to replace it.

This is how you are going to ensure there is enough power going to start the unit.

Another detail to consider would be the circuit breaker. Is there enough power going through to the unit or has the circuit breaker been tripped?

If it has been tripped, this is going to be a real concern.

4. Look For Clogged Air Filter

You will have to take the time to look for clogging in the air filter.

This will ensure the air filter is going to run the right way and things are going to be kept as clean as required.

Take the time to remove debris from the air filter as soon as possible.

The air filter is not going to have to be kept in this condition because it won’t let the AC run at the rate it needs to. This is why it’s either smart to clean the AC filter or make sure to replace it depending on how bad it is.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to focus on these points when you are understanding why the Dometic AC is not turning on.

If the Dometic AC is not turning on, it’s best to check the power supply and ensure the compressor is working properly. It is also possible the air filter is clogged or the circuit breaker has been tripped. It’s essential to replace the part that is damaged, especially if it’s a blown fuse.

You will have to work your way through figuring out what’s wrong with the Dometic AC.

Once the RV AC starts running again, you will notice a change in consistency. This is often not possible when the air filter in the Dometic AC is not holding up well or the compressor is malfunctioning too much.