Dometic Refrigerator Door Not Sealing (Fixed)

When it comes to using a Dometic refrigerator, one of the biggest concerns a person has to deal with is potential gaps or damage to the door.

This is how warm air gets into the RV fridge and it is not easy to keep things as cool as they need to be. You have to look at this in greater detail to see what’s wrong with the door and ensure it is fixed as soon as possible.

One issue people report is when the Dometic refrigerator door is not sealing.

If the Dometic refrigerator door is not sealing, check the door latch to see if it’s secured and look for potential bending in the door. It’s also recommended to ensure the rubber seal does not have gaps in it and that the door is aligned.

Whether it is a bent fridge door or a faulty latch, you will need to take the time to replace the part that is giving you trouble. Do not start using the Dometic fridge without fixing the door because warm air will continue to go in and do damage.

This article is going to show you more about what to do when repairing a Dometic refrigerator door that’s not sealing.

Tips For Fixing Dometic Refrigerator Door That’s Not Sealing

1. Check The Door Latch

Start with the Dometic fridge door latch.

It’s possible the latch is not working the right way and that is putting pressure on the appliance. You could have a situation where the door is not closing all the way.

When this happens, it is common for the door to open a bit or to not close properly. This will create a situation where the door latch needs to be replaced for the Dometic fridge to be usable. Otherwise, warm air will continue to ruin the food that is inside.

Your best bet is to make sure to replace the door latch or tighten it as soon as you can. This is the only way to regulate how it works and ensure it does not get to the point where it does not work.

2. Look For Bending In The Door

Is there a bend in the door?

A Dometic fridge door can bend. If it is bent, this is going to make it difficult to close the Dometic refrigerator door and that is going to cause things to not cool as required.

You will want to look at all parts of the door to see how it is shaped right now.

If there is any type of warping, this is likely the issue you are dealing with. The fridge door is not going to close the right way due to this change in shape.

3. Inspect The Rubber Seal For Gaps Or Damage

You will also want to take the time to inspect the rubber seal for potential gaps or damage.

When there is damage to the rubber seal, the door is not going to work the right way. Your Dometic fridge is going to start giving you trouble.

The seal is integral to how the fridge stays cool and anyone that is not taking the time to look into this is going to pay a heavy price.

You have to make sure the rubber seal is intact and that it does not have gaps in it. If there are issues with the rubber seal, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Check The Door’s Alignment

It is important to check the door’s alignment.

You don’t want a situation where the door is misaligned as that is going to create an issue where it does not work as required.

Your goal should be to see if the door is aligned in a way where it is going to work properly. If not, this is when the fridge will not remain as sealed as it needs to be.

Your best option is to make sure the door is aligned and it continues to work as you need it to. If it is not aligned, take the door off and re-install it. This will help tighten the fridge door and make sure it works the right way.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to go through these steps when fixing a Dometic refrigerator door that’s not sealing.

If a Dometic refrigerator door is not sealing, check the rubber seal for potential gaps or damage. It’s also recommended to check the door for potential warping and ensure it is aligned. If not, take off the fridge door and re-install it.

It is also possible for the rubber seal to be the issue and that will have to be replaced. You should not be using the Dometic fridge until this has been corrected as the food is not going to stay as cold as you want it to.