Dometic RV Refrigerator Fins Freezing (Solved)

When specific elements of a Dometic fridge are freezing, you will need to pinpoint what is causing the drop in temperature and how to control things so they don’t spiral out of control.

It’s common to see this problem pop up when you are looking at the fins in a Dometic fridge.

You could have a situation where the Dometic RV refrigerator fins are freezing.

If the Dometic RV refrigerator fins are freezing, it’s best to start by cleaning the condenser coils, inspecting the thermostat for improper function, and increasing the coolant levels if they’re too low. Next, check the airflow to ensure it’s not being blocked by dirt or debris.

Anything that disturbs the airflow in a Dometic refrigerator is going to lead to issues with the fins. You will need to take a look at the fins in the Dometic RV fridge to get a better read on what’s going on and how bad the situation is.

This guide is going to show you more about what to do when the Dometic RV refrigerator fins are freezing.

Tips For Fixing Dometic RV Refrigerator Fins That Are Freezing

1. Clean the Condenser Coils

The first step is going to be to observe the condenser coils for a bit.

You want to see if the condenser coils are clean or unclean. It’s possible they are unclean and that is causing the fins to freeze.

It’s essential for the condenser coils in an RV fridge to remain clean. You can wipe them and make sure the coils are rid of debris and/or anything that might get in the way of them working properly.

It’s common for a person to ignore this but it is going to start impacting the temperature in the fridge over time. It might not be noticeable at first but it is going to add up with time.

Look to take care of the condenser coils in an RV fridge as soon as possible. If they are clean, this will help with the fins too.

2. Look At The Thermostat

It’s important to look at the thermostat.

If you are not looking at the thermostat, you will not get a good read on how controlled the temperature is. This is a real concern for those who are fretting about how the temperature is going to work out in the fridge.

When the fins are frozen in an RV fridge, you have to take a detailed look at the thermostat.

This will let you figure out if the rest of the parts are freezing in the setup. This is often a sign the thermostat is not working as it should and needs to be replaced or repaired.

For most people, it is best to replace the thermostat.

3. Increase The Coolant Levels

What about the coolant levels in the Dometic fridge?

If the levels are too low, this is going to cause the RV fridge to act up. You are going to see various elements not work as well as they should and the fins will begin to freeze too.

It’s important to make sure there is enough coolant for the coils to work properly. If not, this is going to impact the coils, which is going to impact everything else.

Take the time to top up the coolant and make sure it is enough for the RV fridge to remain stable. if you are not doing this, it is going to have an impact on how the coolant works out.

4. Check The Airflow For Clogging

What about the airflow in the RV fridge?

The airflow is essential in making sure things are kept cool and doesn’t freeze. If you are taking the time to look at other elements in the Dometic refrigerator, you will also want to assess how the airflow is when it is time to take the next step.

It’s best to look at how the airflow is.

This includes assessing whether or not the airflow is going to lead to subpar results with other elements of the fridge.

It is common for dirt or debris to get trapped in there.

If you clear out the debris, you are going to see much better results.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips for fixing Dometic RV refrigerator fins that are freezing.

When the Dometic RV refrigerator fins are freezing, it’s best to clean the condenser coils, check the airflow for a blockage, increase the coolant levels, and make sure the thermostat is not malfunctioning.

It’s essential to do this when you are trying to see what’s wrong with the Dometic fridge and why the fins are constantly frozen.

If the fins in an RV fridge are frozen, you will want to take a look at these steps.

It’s important when anything in the Dometic fridge is malfunctioning.