How To Use Hayward Pool Heater Spa Mode (Explained)

The Hayward pool heater is a wonderful option for your pool.

It’s going to be well-equipped with a wide array of features that are fun to use. One of those features is going to be the Hayward pool heater spa mode.

The Hayward pool heater spa mode is designed to maintain a specific “spa-like” temperature in the pool. To use this mode, enable “Spa mode” from the control panel, set the required temperature, and let the pool heater warm the water. Once ready, test the water.

This process is a joy to behold for those who want to soak themselves in warm water.

Most people will be particular about how warm the water is. You might not want to dip your toes in cold water and that does happen without a pool heater. However, with this particular mode, you are going to adore how the water feels instantly.

Here is more on the Hayward pool heater spa mode.

Tips On How To Use Hayward Pool Heater Spa Mode

1. Enable “Spa Mode” From The Control Panel

Let’s begin with how you are going to start the mode.

To start the spa mode with your Hayward pool heater, you will need to know where the setting is activated. This is going to be done from the control panel.

You are going to go to the control panel and look for the Spa Mode setting. This is going to be available through a simple press of a button.

You are then going to be prompted for additional details including the temperature.

When you are doing this, it’s important to get a good look at the temperature you are going to want from the pool water.

This pool heater is exceptional at what it does and is going to make sure the spa mode is a breath of fresh air for those who want to relax.

2. Set The Required Temperature

You are now going to take the time to think about the required temperature.

The purpose here is to make sure you are setting the required temperature in a way that’s going to be comfortable for you to enjoy.

You will want to make sure the temperature is not going to bother you or is going to become difficult to sit in for long periods. This does happen when you are not taking the time to adjust to the temperature or focusing on how it is going to keep you warm.

Always set a temperature that is ideal for you.

This is why you are being prompted by the pool heater for more information.

3. Wait For The Pool Heater To Initiate

At this point, you are going to let the spa mode activate.

Now that the pool heater knows what setting you prefer, you will begin to go through the waiting phase. This is when the pool water is going to heat up.

Remember, this can come down to how big the pool is. The pool heater is going to be running to make sure the water is warm but there will be a period where you are going to have to be patient.

It will take a few minutes.

4. Test The Water

When you feel like the water is in good shape and as warm as you want it to be, it’s time to go into the pool.

You will want to dip your toes into the water to see if it is warm enough. You should note how warm it is right away as that is what the spa mode is all about.

You will want to make sure the water is going to be comfortable when you are in it.

Remember, this is not the last setting that you are going to have with the spa mode. You are welcome to go back and change the temperature to get it to a more controlled setting that is easier for you to enjoy.

This is a subjective call.

Final Thoughts

This advice is how you are going to learn more about the Hayward pool heater spa mode.

To activate the Hayward pool heater spa mode, start by finding the “Spa Mode” setting on the control panel. Press the button and then input the required temperature when prompted. Let the pool heater do its job of warming the water and then test the pool to see if it’s comfortable.

This is going to take a few minutes.

A good pool heater such as this one is going to make things as cozy as they need to be in the water. This is the place you are going to want to be when it is time to warm up.

Being in a warm pool is something that will bring a smile to your face. You will love how it feels on the body.