How Deep Should Fire Pit Be? (Solved)

Having a fire pit is a beautiful experience and something you will fall in love with.

It’s important to understand how to set up a fire pit when you are in a situation such as this. If you don’t take the time to do this, the fire pit will not turn out as you want it to.

The first question you will ask is, how deep should a fire pit be?

A fire pit should be at least 12 inches deep. This measures from the base of the wall to the top. If it is set up in an open space, this also adds to the overall safety and viability of the fire pit.

Keep this in mind when installing a new fire pit and then making sure it lasts.

If you don’t do this, the fire pit is not going to be functional or it will become unsafe. This includes when you are looking to manage embers in the fire pit later.

This guide is going to go ahead and point out how deep a fire pit should be and what you should consider as you are installing the fire pit in a new space.

Tips On Managing How Deep A Fire Pit Should Be

1. Look For A Minimum Of 12″ Depth

It is important to start with the basic depth of a fire pit.

It is recommended to have a minimum of 12″ depth for a fire pit. This measurement is taken from the bottom of the fire pit to the top of its walls.

Of course, you are welcome to go higher than this as some will want to aim for 14-15″.

It is up to you to go a few inches past depending on how you want the fire pit to be.

It is also essential to remember that you will want to make sure the depth is even from all sides. It should not be a few inches lower from one side as that will make the fire pit difficult to use and also unsafe depending on how low it is from one side.

Keep things simple and make sure it is a clean-cut measurement when it comes to a fire pit’s depth.

2. Open Spaces Are Essential

If you are thinking about building a good fire pit, you will want to look into where it is set up.

A simple mistake can be to put it too close to a flammable object.

This tends to happen when a fire pit is set up in the yard. You will assume it is going to be safe because you are there but even embers can become a real issue in a fire pit with things nearby.

The best option for a fire pit is to have it in an open space.

The open space is going to make it a lot easier to manage and you will feel safer burning it too.

3. Invest In A Non-Flammable Base

What type of base are you using for the fire pit?

It’s great to have a good fire pit but that does not mean it will turn out as you want it to. A lot of mistakes can be made when you are investing in the wrong type of base.

This happens when the base is flammable.

A flammable base is going to create a situation where it is going to spark and then burn into a full-out flame. This is unsafe and the last thing you are going to want when setting up a new fire pit on your land.

4. Make Sure It Is Level

As you begin thinking about a new fire pit, you have to look at how it is going to be set up as a whole.

This means it needs to be level.

This is not just about the depth of the fire pit but also how it is set up near the base. It should be level. it should not be uneven as that is how a flame can break out to the point of not being in your control.

A level fire pit is a must.

Final Thoughts

How deep should the fire pit be?

A fire pit should be at least 12″ inches deep from the base to the top of its walls. It is common for people to have it a little higher measuring to be approximately 14-15″ in depth. This is fine as long as the base is level.

It is important to measure this out and not cut corners when it comes to how a fire pit is running. If a fire pit is uneven, this will compromise the results.

Look into this and plan when you are considering adding a fire pit to the yard. It will make a difference to your results.