How Far Away Should A Grill Be From Vinyl Siding? (Solved)

The placement of your grill is always going to depend on the layout of where it’s being setup.

You will also want to account for how the grill is going to be used. You can’t have a situation where the grill is too close to the house as that is going to create a fire hazard.

You might wonder, how far away should a grill be from vinyl siding?

A grill should be at least 20″ away from the vinyl siding. It should also have a couple of feet above in clearance and remain set on level ground. This ensures the grill is usable and is not going to be a fire hazard.

Pressing the grill against the vinyl siding is not a good idea. This will increase the likelihood of something going wrong and a fire breaking out.

You will want to be patient with where you are setting up the grill and how usable it is. Remember that you don’t want to have to walk far away when you are looking to use the grill.

It should be within reach but a few feet of clearance is a good rule of thumb.

Here are a few tips on setting up a grill near the vinyl siding.

Tips On How To Set Up Grill Near Vinyl Siding

1. Maintain A 20″ Gap From The Back

Let’s start with the back of the grill.

You want to have it set up in a way where there is at least 20″ clearance from the back. This is powerful because it is going to let you maintain the gap and ensure there is enough space for things to progress as you need them to.

You don’t want a situation where there is a minimal gap as that is how you are going to see subpar results.

It’s best to maintain that 20″ gap and know you are going to see exceptional results in what you are doing and how things are managed over time.

If you can maintain a bigger gap, this will be good too.

2. Maintain Overhead Clearance

Now that you have taken the time to know how far away a grill should be from the vinyl siding, it’s also important to think about overhead clearance.

You can’t set up a grill that is not going to have enough space above.

This is going to make it difficult for there to be enough space for the grill to function as it is letting off smoke. You are also going to increase the chances of something going wrong when the grill is turned on.

Always make sure you are thinking about how much space is above a grill. It is not just about the sides or the back.

3. Set On Level Ground

What about the ground that the grill is sitting on?

You want to make sure it is level.

If you have the grill 20″ away from the vinyl siding, this does not mean it is safe. Yes, this is the right distance to have for the grill but it is also important to think about how stable the grill is in its current position.

This is the only way you are going to feel confident in using the grill and it is not going to break down on you later.

Always make sure the grill is stable and that includes putting it on a surface that is not going to wobble.

4. Consider The Usability Of The Grill

Imagine you set up the grill far away from the house.

This is great.

Yes, it is a nice starting point but that does not mean it is automatically the right spot for the grill to be in. You could easily have a scenario where the grill is simply too far away and that makes it difficult to use over time.

Always make sure you are thinking about how usable a grill is in the yard. This means you are going to set it up and then want to use it when it is ready to go.

It should not be so far away that you are going to have to walk a considerable distance to get to the grill. This might also not be safe for the grill.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to think about this when figuring out how far away a grill should be from the vinyl siding.

It’s recommended for a grill to be at least 20″ away from the vinyl siding. It’s also important for there to be at least a couple of feet of overhead clearance and that the grill sits on a stable surface.

This is essential if you are going to be using a grill regularly.

It’s not just about making sure it is far away from the vinyl siding. A grill needs to be in the right spot and it needs to be kept safe.

This is how you are going to get more out of a grill and it will remain in good shape as time goes on.