How Long To Wait Between Adding Pool Chemicals? (Solved)

Adding pool chemicals in order is important and you need to understand how the waiting period is going to unfold.

A lot of mistakes can be made when it comes to adding pool chemicals and getting them to settle properly. If you don’t take the time to let the chemicals settle, it’s going to be difficult to clean the pool over time.

This is why you need to figure out how long to wait between adding pool chemicals.

You should wait ten minutes between adding chemicals. However, each pool chemical will come with a set of instructions and that should take precedence. Follow the instructions and if it states to wait longer then do so. If not, it’s okay to wait 10 minutes.

Always take the time to understand how to use pool chemicals before pouring them. This is the best way to ensure you are not damaging the pool or its accessories. Too many pool chemicals will damage the water and become a much harder task to deal with.

This article will shed light on a few tips for adding pool chemicals.

Tips For Adding Pool Chemicals

1. Follow The Instructions

You need to follow the instructions.

This has to be a priority when you are putting pool chemicals into the pool. Otherwise, you are going to end up waiting too long or not enough, which is going to take away from how effective the pool chemicals are.

For the most part, there are going to be instructions that come along with the pool chemicals. You will want to take the time to read through them and figure out which pool chemicals are necessary for the long term.

It is often cited on the packaging as to how much you need to put into the swimming pool along with how to do it. This is also going to include the waiting period.

how long to wait between adding pool chemicals

2. Maintain The Right Ratio

It’s important to add the right amount of pool chemicals.

This is a common mistake that’s made and it can do damage to the pool water. You can pour pool chemicals to the point where the water is going to have to be drained. Don’t let this happen and take the time to maintain the right ratio.

What is the right ratio for pool chemicals?

This will depend on the pool chemical you are adding to the pool. For the most part, you will need to focus on following the listed instructions with the pool chemicals.

For example, ascorbic acid requires 1 lb per 10,000 gallons of water. This shows how potent the acid is and you don’t need a lot of it.

3. Wait 10 Minutes Before Adding More

Now, it’s time to focus on one of the most important details and that is going to be adding different pool chemicals at the same time.

You do not want to add pool chemicals at the same time. It’s essential for there to be a brief waiting period for the first pool chemical to settle.

So, how long should you wait before adding more pool chemicals to the swimming pool?

You will want to wait at least 10 minutes. In some cases, the pool chemical is going to come with separate instructions stating how long you should wait. This can be up to two hours in some situations.

Focus on waiting at least 10 minutes and that is going to lead to good results over time. Look into this and make sure you are comfortable with how the results come.

how long to wait between adding pool chemicals

4. Test The Water Regularly

This is one of those tips that you should always focus on as a pool owner.

You should have a good read on the water quality.

This means having a testing kit that will tell you what the pH level is in the pool. This is important because you are altering the pool chemistry by adding pool chemicals.

The testing kit is going to let you know what’s good and what’s not with the pool water. If there is something wrong with the pool water, you will find out.

Final Thoughts

How long to wait between adding pool chemicals?

You should wait at least 10 minutes between adding pool chemicals. This allows the first pool chemical enough time to settle. However, it’s highly recommended to follow the listed instructions with the pool chemical and if it says to wait longer that is what you should do.

Some pool chemicals are going to require more time to settle and you should have patience. The goal is for the chemicals to work well and that is only going to happen when they are not poured at the same time.

This will ruin the impact of both pool chemicals and it is going to require more time to flush out of the water later.