How Many Pool Pillows Do I Need? (Solved)

Pool pillows are a wonderful investment and something you will want to have in your setup.

You will want to be able to enjoy the perks of a good pool pillow but that is only when you know what to look for. A lot of pool owners don’t know where to begin when buying a pool pillow and that leaves them with a solution that simply doesn’t work.

This is why you want to ask, how many pool pillows do I need?

You need two or three pillows for a standard rectangular pool. If the pool is curved, you will require at least four pool pillows for maximum results. It always comes down to the size and shape of the swimming pool.

Always look at the layout and then decide one way or the other.

The most important part of adding a pool pillow to a pool is to make sure it’s comfortable and usable. This is going to matter a lot more than the number of pool pillows you buy.

This article will look at the tips for finding the right pool pillow for you.

Tips On The Right Pool Pillow For You

1. Know The Size And Shape Of The Pool

Getting a good pool pillow comes down to its size and shape.

Most pool owners are going to assume each pool pillow is the same and that’s not always the case. Some brands are going to be better than others.

You will want to start by assessing the layout of the pool.

Is it curved? Is it rectangular?

This is often going to dictate the direction you go in and how the pool turns out. You do not want to go with a pool pillow that’s not going to fit in the pool as that will take away from its overall look.

Think about this as you are deciding one way or the other as to which pool pillow is going to work for you.

2. Don’t Compromise on Durability

You have to ensure the solution is durable as that is also going to make a difference.

Some pool pillows will look nice but they are not going to last as long as you want them to. This is not a good thing and that will take away from how long the pool pillow ends up being a valuable addition to the setup.

In general, you want to look at the material it is made out of.

If the material is not robust, it is not going to last as long as you want it to. This will mean you are going to have to buy a new pool pillow later and that is not ideal.

Keep things simple and look for a pool pillow that is not going to let you down when it is time to set things up.

3. Consider UV Protection

The sun is going to be beating down on the pool throughout the year.

This means you have to be particular about how protected the pool pillow is. If it is not kept safe, the pool pillow is going to start to disintegrate and/or is not going to work as you had hoped for it too.

A good solution is always one that is going to be UV protected.

Modern manufacturers do look into this and make sure the outer layer of the solution is going to last a long time and will be UV protected.

4. Look At Its Compatibility

Is it compatible?

This is going to matter because a pool pillow has to be compatible with the pool cover. You cannot have a situation where the pool pillow does not work with the rest of the setup.

This is a mistake that is often made by pool owners.

You have to ensure the pool pillow is going to be easy to setup and then is going to do well when it is in sync with the pool cover.

This is a must and it has to be the first thing you look into.

This is a must and it is one of those details you do have to take a look at.

Final Thoughts

How many pool pillows do I need?

You will need at least two pool pillows for a standard rectangular pool. For a curved pool, it’s best to go with 2-4 pool pillows depending on their overall size. It’s generally recommended to assess the shape and size of the swimming pool before buying pool pillows.

In some cases, even one pool pillow is going to be enough to get the job done.

Look at what your swimming pool requires and then move in one direction or the other.

The mistake you don’t want to make is to rush the process as that is when things will not play out as you want.