How Often To Add Acid To Pool? (Explained)

When it is time to regulate the pH level in a pool, you will have to understand what should be added and what should be kept away.

You will want to account for these details to ensure you are taking the right measures.

In general, one detail to think about will be how often to add acid to the pool.

It is recommended to add acid to the pool based on the current pH level. If the pH level is past 7.9, it’s fine to add a small amount of muriatic acid to bring it down. Continue to do this until the pH level is where it should be.

If the pH level is too high, it is likely going to take constant additions of acid to stabilize it.

Do not look to follow a set number when it comes to this process. You will want to make sure to take the pH tests seriously and ensure you are getting a read on the water quality throughout the process.

This guide is going to give you a few important tips on how to add acid to the pool.

Tips For Adding Acid To The Pool

1. Test The Water’s pH For 2-3 Days

When adding muriatic acid to a pool, you will want to prepare.

This means getting a read on the current pH level is in the swimming pool. Until you are aware of this information, you are not going to know whether or not it is wise to add to the pool.

It is often assumed adding acid to a pool is a no-brainer.

This is not always the case.

There are situations where you should not be adding acid to a swimming pool and it is better to look at other options to lower the pH.

Continue to work through the testing and do this for a few days.

You will want to record the readings and then see what the average is. If it is above 7.9 then you will want to think about lowering the pH level.

2. Add A Small Amount Of Acid

You do not want too much muriatic acid in a pool, which is why it is best to start with a small amount.

If you add too much, it will create a situation where the pool becomes unstable and you should not be in the water for long periods.

In general, you will want to start with a small amount to see how the pool’s water responds. This is going to give you a read on which direction to go in.

You can also make adjustments if you add a small amount of acid and it lowers the pH level too much. It is not as easy when you have overdone the addition of the acid.

3. Take The Water’s pH Again

You will want to make sure to take the water’s pH again.

This is key as you will want to continue to keep tabs on how the water quality is in the pool. This is the only way to make sure things work out as you want.

Just like you will want to check on a pool pump or look at how the pool filter is working, you should also test the water’s pH.

This is a good maintenance tip that should be a part of your cleaning routine. You should always get a read on what the pH level is during the year.

4. Add More Acid (If Necessary)

You are going to want to think about the pH level that you have read.

This is going to let you decide which direction to go in for the pool.

Do you need to lower the pH further? If so, you can continue to add more acid to the pool. This is going to help bring the level down to where it needs to be.

If it is stable, you should wait a few days and continue to take readings.

The one thing you have to remember when cleaning a pool is to make sure you are being patient. This is not something to rush as you might ruin the water’s quality.

Final Thoughts

How often should you add acid to the pool?

It is recommended to only add acid to the pool when the pH is above 7.9. To do this the right way, take multiple pH readings for 2-3 days. If it is above 7.9 add a small amount of muriatic acid to the pool and take another reading. Continue to add acid to the pool if the reading remains above the required pH level.

This is how you are going to ensure the pool is easy to swim in and you do not ruin the water quality.

It is easy to make this mistake and that is why caring for your pool’s water is a must.