How Often To Backwash Pool With Algae (Explained)

When there is algae in the swimming pool, you will want to take the time to figure out how to cleanse the fixture.

This is the only way the swimming pool is going to be usable.

For the most part, it is not difficult to clean algae in the swimming pool and you can do it quickly. However, you will need to have a plan in mind or things are not going to work out as you want them to.

This includes figuring out how to backwash a pool with algae.

To backwash a pool with algae, start by removing large debris before anything else. Once done, run the filter 24/7 and backwash the pool at least 3-4 times per day. Do this for five days and the pool will be back to how it needs to be.

It is important to maintain this frequency to get the results you desire.

Removing algae in the pool has to be done with a purpose. As long as you do this, you are going to appreciate the results.

This article is going to look at how to backwash a swimming pool with algae and what to look for during the process.

Tips On How To Backwash Pool With Algae

1. Remove The Large Debris First

Before you begin cleaning the pool’s water or working on the pool filter, you will want to get rid of the large debris.

It is possible there is debris in the water if it has not been cleaned for a while.

This is debris you are not going to want to have to deal with during the cleaning.

Make it easier on yourself and ensure the debris is out of the way. This will save you a lot of time later and it is the best course of action.

If there is no debris in the swimming pool, you can then look at the next step.

2. Run The Filter 24/7

At this stage, you are going to have to prepare the pool filter.

The filter needs to be running for this to work.

The goal is to make sure the pool filter is running around the clock. This is how you are going to prepare the water for it to be backwashed as intended.

The goal is to be thorough with your plan and think about these details beforehand. It is the only way you are going to clean out the pool water.

It is important to think about this along with how the pool pump is functioning around the clock. This is how you are going to get it to the state you want it to be.

3. Backwash 3-4 Times Per Day For 5 Days

How often should you backwash a pool with algae?

You will want to have it run at least 3-4 times per day.

This is going to allow you to backwash the pool properly. Otherwise, it is not going to clean well and you are going to be left struggling to find the results you are after.

It’s important to also do this for at least five days.

The goal remains to backwash 3-4 times and making sure you are consistent. This is going to include setting a time for when you do it.

4. Test the pH Level

When you are going through this process, you will want to have a calculated approach.

This is going to include testing the pH level in the pool.

The reason for doing this is to ensure the filter is working well and you are getting to see progress in how the water quality is. This is the only way you are going to feel good about what you are doing and the pH level is going to match what you are aiming for.

If you don’t do this, you will not know whether or not it is getting better.

Get a read on the pH level before the process begins and then throughout it too.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how often to backwash the pool with algae.

To backwash the pool with algae, it is best to remove large debris beforehand. Once done, turn on the pool filter 24/7 and then backwash the pool at least 3-4 times per day. Do this process for at least five days to maximize the results. Once done, do a pH test to see if the pool water is back to how it needs to be.

This process is going to take the entire five days but it will be worth the process.

It is going to make sure the pool’s water quality does not drop to the point it is unusable. You will have to work on this but it will get the job done.

Focus on this when you are inspecting the swimming pool for issues.