How To Block Neighbor’s Pool Pump Noise (Explained)

It can become frustrating to deal with the constant sound of a nearby pool pump.

Some pool pumps make considerable noise and it is hard to tolerate during different times of the day. This is why you will want to think about your options when finding out how to block a neighbor’s pool pump noise.

To block the neighbor’s pool pump noise, it is best to look at soundproofing. This includes soundproofing the windows and doors. It is also recommended to add insulation to the walls and relocate the furniture to the other side of the house if possible.

Each layout is going to be different but it is best to plan out how you are going to reset the house to block the pool pump noise.

It is not easy to tolerate this type of pool pump noise and you will want to improve your quality of life by making changes.

This guide is going to show you a few investments you can make at home when learning how to block the neighbor’s pool pump noise.

Tips On How To Block Neighbor’s Pool Pump Noise

1. Use Soundproof Windows

You will want to think about using soundproofing material for the windows.

The windows tend to leak the most sound from outside and you will want to be diligent about how you are going to block sounds coming from the pool.

You are going to need to consider where the windows are located about the neighbor’s pool. This will let you know which windows to target.

It is not required to soundproof all of the windows at home.

Just the ones nearest the pool are the ones that you will want to think about working on. This will often depend on the layout of your property.

Do this and you are going to cut more than half of the noise instantly. It is well worth the investment if the pool pump noise next door is bothering you.

2. Add Insulation To Your Walls

To stop the neighbor’s pool pump noise, you will also want to think about sound leaking through the walls.

This relates to the nearest walls to the pool.

You will want to consider adding insulation to these walls as a buffer against the sound. The sound is going to leak through, which is why it is important to be diligent with your approach and how you manage the sound leaking.

Do not let it get to the point where the sound continues to leak through the walls.

This is often the reason sound tends to come through because the walls are too thin near the pool. Set up insulation for those walls and watch the sound get cut significantly.

3. Relocate The Furniture

You will want to look at where the furniture is in the room.

Let’s assume all of the furniture is pressed right against that side of the house. This is not going to make it easy to sit or even sleep when the pool pump is running.

The pool pump is going to run a lot, so you will want to prepare for this.

Just changing the furniture around in the house will go a long way in nipping this problem in the bud.

Do not underestimate the impact of putting the furniture in a new spot. This will make a difference and you are going to start noticing the sounds less as time goes on.

4. Soundproof The Doors

Just like the windows in the house, you are also going to want to consider the doors.

If there is a door on the side of the neighbor’s pool, this is going to leak most of the noise. It is not going to be pleasant to hear this type of sound and it will get on your nerves.

A lot of people will take the time to see what can be done to the door. This includes swapping out the door with a heavier one or soundproofing it using other measures.

There are endless options for how you can go about doing this in your house.

Final Thoughts

Look into this advice when learning how to block the neighbor’s pool pump noise.

To block the neighbor’s pool pump noise, it’s best to start by soundproofing the doors and windows nearby. Next, relocate the furniture away from where the pool is and also take the time to add insulation to the nearest walls.

This is how you are going to cut out the pool pump noise from your neighbor’s house.

It will take a bit of planning to put this together but it will be well worth it.

Not only are you going to control the pool pump noise coming in but it is also going to help with any other sounds that bother you during the day.