How To Bury An Intex Above Ground Pool (Explained)

When it comes to an Intex above ground pool, you will want to set it up based on what works for your land.

Some will be okay with installing the above ground pool the way it has been designed. This is going to work for them but it might not for you.

One option people think about is finding out how to bury an Intex above ground pool.

It’s not recommended to bury an Intex above ground pool as it can get damaged or become unsafe. The better option is to install it on a flat surface and then use fencing or hedges as a way to blend the pool walls.

It’s easy to want to start burying an Intex above ground pool but it is not the right strategy. It is not going to prolong the life of the pool and it is also going to lead to other maintenance issues as time goes on.

To avoid this, you will want to focus on installing the Intex above ground pool in a way that’s safer and easier to manage.

This guide will show you how to install an Intex above ground pool while still hiding it a bit.

Tips on How To Install An Intex Above Ground Pool

1. Do Not Bury The Pool

You should not bury the above ground pool.

It does not matter how well-made the pool is because it is not designed to be installed in such a manner. This means anytime you bury the above ground pool, it is going to start facing pressure along the sides and it won’t hold its shape.

This leads to the pool walls caving in and/or cracking.

Don’t let this happen and look at another solution to better hide the above ground pool.

Yes, you might not like how the above ground pool looks and that’s fine. However, you will need to look for a solution that does not compromise on safety.

This not only includes short-term performance but also what is going to happen over the long haul.

2. Choose A Flat Surface

Let’s assume you are prepared to install the above ground pool and want to do it the right way.

You will have a few options but the best choice is to find a flat surface for the pool to sit on. It is okay for the surface to be lower than the surrounding area as long as the entirety of the pool is level.

If it is level, you will be fine.

You will want to make sure the pool walls are not being compromised and that is the main issue people face when they bury the Intex above ground pool.

You are better off putting the above ground pool on a flat surface and working around this setup.

3. Blend With A Fence Or Landscaping

Now it is time to start focusing on how you are going to hide the Intex above ground pool.

The best option is to use landscaping or a fence.

These are two options that will do a good job of hiding the pool walls that you might not want to stand out. While you are not burying the pool, you are still going to beautify the space around it, which is a good compromise.

You are going to want to look at a potential pool fence or landscaping such as hedges.

These will look good and are going to add value to the area.

4. Consider The Overall Safety Of The Pool

This is one detail you are not going to forget during the process.

When you are thinking about dropping an above ground pool in the ground, it’s going to create a situation where the safety of the pool is not good.

It might work for a while but it is not going to end up the way you want it to.

The pool walls are going to get worse with time and that is the type of damage you don’t want to deal with.

Look to set up the above ground pool in a safe setup that is going to last.

Final Thoughts

These are tips that will help when you figure out how to bury an Intex above ground pool.

It is not recommended to bury an Intex above ground pool because it is bad for the walls and can lead to unwanted damage. It is better to find a flat surface for the pool to sit on and then beautify the area using fencing or hedges.

This is a better way of concealing the above ground pool while still making sure it is safe over time. You do not want to do something that will damage the pool walls and/or cause them to break down to the point of no return.

It is a lot harder to fix a pool that has been buried, which is why it is best to keep it the way it is supposed to be set up.