How To Clean A Weber Grill Cover (Fixed)

When it is time to start maintaining your grill, most people will only think about the inside.

Yes, it is important to think about these details but you will also want to figure out how to clean the outside of a Weber grill. This is going to include the cover.

Learning how to clean a Weber grill cover is essential for long-term results.

To clean a Weber grill cover, start by wiping off the debris using a soft-bristled brush. Once done, mix soap with water and apply it to the cover. Wait a few minutes and then begin scrubbing the grill cover carefully. Rinse to finish the job.

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of debris and germs that will collect on the outside of a Weber grill cover.

You have to be diligent with how you clean the cover to make sure it’s in good condition.

If you are not taking the time to do this, the Weber grill cover is going to get messy and it will not be easy to manage. You will want to get out in front of this to avoid making mistakes as that will come back to bother you later when the cover breaks down.

This article will explain more about how to clean a Weber grill cover the right way.

Steps On How To Clean A Weber Grill Cover

1. Use Brush To Remove Debris

You are going to take one look at the Weber grill cover and realize there is considerable debris on the outside.

This tends to worsen depending on how long you take between cleanings.

Your best bet is to have a soft-bristled brush in hand to begin working on the debris. You are going to do this by using a brush to wipe away the debris carefully.

This is going to let you work on a clean surface when it is time to focus on the grill cover. A lot of mistakes can be made in this regard and it’s not good over time.

It is common for germs to collect on the surface, which is why you are going to want to be quick with how you clean the surface. Do not create long gaps when you clean the grill cover.

2. Use Soap + Water Mixture

You are now going to prepare the mixture to clean the Weber grill cover.

It’s best to start with a simple soap + water mixture.

The reason for doing this is it will help get rid of the tough residue that is sitting on the surface. It will also allow the grill cover to look brand-new while smelling good.

This is why the mixture is important and you don’t just want to rinse the cover with water. Yes, water will do a good job but it won’t be enough for the long haul.

You do need to use soap.

3. Apply The Mixture

When the mixture is ready, you are now going to take it and apply it to the grill cover.

You want to be liberal with how you are doing this.

The goal is to make sure the entire outside of the grill cover is covered with the mixture. Until you do this, it is not going to be in good shape and you will have to figure out what is best for the grill cover.

The mixture is going to need a few minutes to settle in.

This is an important waiting period and something you should care about when it comes to doing things the right way.

4. Scrub And Rinse

You are going to want to scrub the grill cover.

It is important to let the mixture settle and then work on the loosened residue. This is not going to take long but you will want to be vigorous with how you scrub the cover.

You will notice the residue go away as you scrub.

When you are satisfied with how the grill cover looks, you are going to take cold water to rinse the mixture.

This is going to leave you with a clean grill cover. You can let it sit and dry.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to clean a Weber grill cover.

To clean a Weber grill cover, you are going to want to start by brushing away the debris. Once done, mix soap and water before applying this mixture to the outside of the cover. Let the mixture settle and then scrub vigorously to get rid of the residue. Rinse once the scrubbing is done.

You have to be diligent with how you are scrubbing to make sure the grill cover is as clean as it needs to be.

This is a must.

It’s the only way to make sure the grill cover turns out the way you want it to.