How to Clean Traeger After Fire (Explained)

When you are looking at managing a fire in the Traeger, you will know it is important to prepare it for another grilling session.

It is not as easy as turning on the Traeger and hoping it will work as you want it to.

There is going to be a period where you will prepare the grill and make sure it is ready to go. This is why you need to figure out how to clean the Traeger after a fire.

To clean the Traeger after a fire, unplug the grill and remove the grill grates, drip tray, and heat shield. Once done, vacuum the ash out of the fire pot and scrape off the remaining debris in the grill. Put everything back and then turn on the grill.

Dealing with a fire in the Traeger might seem challenging.

You will want to get to the bottom of what’s going on and that is not always easy. Cleaning the Traeger after a fire is all about following the listed steps and using your eyes to see where most of the debris is.

This article is going to shed light on what to do when it is time to learn how to clean the Traeger after a fire.

Tips On How To Clean The Traeger After A Fire

1. Unplug The Traeger

The Traeger needs to be prepared for a cleaning session.

You do not want the grill to be running at the time of the cleaning as this is dangerous. It is also not going to let you take off the parts that will need to come out for the cleaning to be completed.

As a result, you will want to unplug the Traeger before cleaning it.

You should also wait for it to cool down if it was recently on. This is important because you are going to be taking out components and you will not want to be around a warm grill.

Take your time waiting for the pellet grill as this is a must to stay safe. Do not rush this part.

2. Remove The Drip Tray, Grill Grates, and Heat Shield

When you are certain the pellet grill is ready to be cleaned, you are going to start taking out the components that are in the way.

When there is a fire in the Traeger, you will need to look at the fire pot.

To do this, you will want to take out components such as the grill grates, heat shield, and drip tray. At the same time, you can set them aside and clean the parts one by one.

This is a good time to clean everything including the parts that you have taken out to get to the fire pot.

3. Vacuum The Ash Out Of The Fire Pot

You will now want to take out a vacuum.

The vacuum is going to be important because it will let you remove the ash in the fire pot. This is going to be full after a fire in the grill.

You will want to make sure to use the vacuum to get the ash out as soon as possible. Be diligent while you are doing this and make sure the fire pot is free of debris by the time you are done.

Any type of vacuum is going to work well.

It is best to make sure there is enough suction to get the ash out. You will then get the fire pot to be in a usable condition again.

4. Scrape Off The Debris In The Grill

The last step is going to be to look at the debris inside the grill. This is also going to include the fire pot depending on how bad the fire was.

The idea here is to take a brush or a sharp tool that is going to let you scrape off the debris in the grill after a fire.

This is going to take a bit of time but you will want to loosen anything that has hardened in the grill. Do not let this residue sit there.

It will ruin how the Traeger works and it is something you will want to work on as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

This is how to clean the Traeger after a fire.

To clean the Traeger after a fire, start by unplugging the grill and then removing parts such as the drip tray, heat shield, and grill grates. Once they’re out, vacuum the ash in the fire pot and scrape any debris inside the grill including the fire pot.

You will want to do this as diligently as you can.

It is important to get the Traeger back to its original state, which is going to involve cleaning it in detail. When a pellet grill has a fire inside it, this is going to lead to major issues.

You will want to nip this problem in the bud by cleaning the Traeger.