How To Floc A Pool (Explained)

When you are flocking a pool, it’s important to know how to do it the right way. It’s easy to make mistakes and then ruin the pool’s pH level.

Flocking a swimming pool is all about using the right solution and also going through the relevant steps needed to prepare the pool. This is how you are going to get the pH level to stabilize while also making sure the water is cleared.

Learning how to floc a pool is all about following the necessary steps.

To floc a pool, check the water level to ensure it’s not too low, pour 1 lb per 2500 gallons of water, and turn on the pool pump for 6 hours. Now, turn off the pool pump and let the water rest for 24 hours. Once done, turn the pool pump back on and clean the water with a pool vacuum.

This is going to make sure the pool water is clean after the process has been set up. This is key as you add flocculant to a pool.

Here are the main steps on how to floc a swimming pool.

Steps On How To Floc A Pool

1. Check The Water Level

Pool flocculant is important but you need to prepare the swimming pool beforehand. This is essential to make sure you are not ruining the pool water or its pH level.

How are you going to do this?

You are going to start by checking the water level in the swimming pool.

What should the pool water level be? It should be above the filter. This is going to make sure when you turn on the pool pump, the water does flow as required. If the water level is too low, the flocculant is not going to work in the pool.

Don’t let this happen and make sure to check the water level as best as you can.

how to floc a pool

2. Add 1lb of Floc Per 2500 Gallons of Water

When you are adding a flocculant to a pool with a sand filter, you will also need to account for the ratio.

This is going to be written on the packaging but you also want to maintain a specific rule of thumb that is used by experts.

This goes for any type of pool whether it has a filter or not.

What is the ratio?

When adding flocculant to a pool, you are going to maintain a ratio of around 1 lb of flocculant per 2500 gallons of water.

This ratio is key when it comes to flocculants for pools. The water quality is going to stabilize when you follow this ratio and you will know it is going to clean the water as required without overdoing it.

3. Run The Pool Pump For 6 Hours

Using a pool flocculant is all about letting the pool pump run.

This is how you are going to get the pool flocculant to spread. Otherwise, it is not going to impact the water as soon as you want it to nor is it going to work properly.

When you have taken the time to pour pool flocculant into a swimming pool, it’s time to let the pool pump run. You are going to let it run for around 6 hours.

This will be enough to get the flocculant to spread in the swimming pool and change its chemistry.

4. Set The Pool Filter To “Waste” And Let The Pool Pump Run

Now, it is time to think about your swimming pool and its filter.

You have to adjust the pool filter.

What setting is best when you are adding pool flocculant into a pool? You will want to look to set it to “Waste” as that is going to help maximize the flocculant.

You are going to do this after you have waited at least 24 hours. This is key as you do want the flocculant to settle in the water before changing the setting on the pool filter.

5. Clean The Pool

The last step is to clean the swimming pool.

Is this necessary?

Not always but it is something you should make a part of the maintenance process. If you add too much floc to a pool, you will want to account for the pool chemistry as it will change.

Cleaning the swimming pool is going to help bring it back to normalcy.

A pool vacuum can be used for this step.

Final Thoughts

This is the best way to learn how to floc a pool.

To floc a pool, it’s best to check the water level to make sure it’s above the filter and then pour approximately 1 lb of floc per 2500 gallons of pool water. Run the pool pump for 6 hours and then let the water sit for another 24 hours. Once the period is over, turn the pool pump back on and set the filter to “Waste” before cleaning it.

This is how you are going to make sure the flocculant works in the pool and you have used it the right way.