How To Get More Smoke From Pit Boss (Solved)

When you are looking to use a grill the right way, it’s essential to understand how to manipulate it to your advantage.

Most Pit Boss owners will not know how to do this and will never get optimal results.

You will want to start by learning how to get more smoke from a Pit Boss grill.

To get more smoke from a Pit Boss grill, set the temperature to 135 degrees, wait at least until it hits the temperature, and then decrease the temperature slowly. This will increase the smoke production from the Pit Boss grill.

The reason this works is it helps set the temperature at a specific point and then allows you to gradually adjust it downwards.

To help maintain the heat, it will start smoking more and you are going to get full value for your time. This is a strategy that is commonly used with these types of grills and the same applies to the Pit Boss grill too.

This guide will share more on how to get more smoke from a Pit Boss grill and what to think about as you manipulate it to your advantage.

Tips On How To Get More Smoke From Pit Boss

1. Set The Temperature To 135 Degrees

What is the temperature at that you are setting a Pit Boss grill?

This is the first detail you are going to want to contemplate and get right. It is a mistake to not think about this as the temperature will often dictate how the heat production is in the grill.

If the grill is not heating up properly, you will want to look at the temperature. This can also become an issue with the grill’s igniter.

If it is starting properly, you will now want to look to set the temperature.

You will do this by having it set at 135 degrees.

This is the right starting point because it will let the grill heat quickly and it is not going to ruin the grill or hamper smoke production.

2. Wait A Few Minutes For Grill To Heat Up

You are now going to want to wait.

After you have set the Pit Boss grill to 135 degrees, it is going to build up to this temperature. You have to make sure the temperature is the same as you want it to be.

Some will look to use a separate thermometer to get a better look at the temperature reading.

It is up to you.

In most cases, it is going to take a few minutes for the heat to ramp up in the Pit Boss grill. As soon as you do this, you will be good to go.

3. Decrease The Temperature Slowly

You are now going to begin decreasing the temperature slowly.

This is a must when it comes to doing things the right way. It is the only option for those who want to see tangible results.

As you decrease the temperature, you are going to see appropriate results. It is the only way the smoke production in the grill is going to get better. You will want to take the time to think about this as much as you want.

Always decrease the temperature gradually.

Just a few degrees will be enough to begin generating the smoke you are after. You will want to continue to bring it down as you use it.

4. Wait For The Smoke To Increase

This is the most important step because you will have to judge based on what is happening in front of you.

If a pellet grill is not working the right way, you will want to slow down your temperature adjustments. If it is not, you will want to continue decreasing the temperature.

This is going to ramp up the smoke production in the Pit Boss grill as you want it to.

Continue to observe the smoke production and stop when you are happy with it.

This is the best way to make sure you are getting that smokiness you are hoping for from the grill.

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned in this guide will help as you learn how to get more smoke from a Pit Boss grill.

To get more smoke from a Pit Boss grill, it’s recommended to set the temperature to 135 degrees, wait at least a few minutes, and then begin decreasing the temperature as the smoke production increases. This will immediately improve the amount of smoke produced by the Pit Boss grill.

Look at this in greater detail and always pay attention to the grill.

You will have to observe as each situation is different. This includes the environment you are working in as a grill owner.

if the smoke production is good, you will start to notice it as soon as the temperature is brought down.