How To Make Water Balloon Fights More Fun

Water balloons are a boatload of fun and can lead to moments of pure entertainment when chucking them at family or friends. Yet, it is always smart to figure out how to make water balloon fights more fun!

Is there a way to spice things up a bit and get more out of the water balloon fights?

Indeed, there are several ways of making things increasingly better!

It’s essential to understand the lay of the land, how many people are going to be fighting with water balloons, and what type of water balloons are being used.

Having this information will make it easier to organize a water balloon fight that is engaging, unique, and full of surprises.

The variables include:

  • Rules of the Fight
  • Space in the Yard
  • Number of Participants

A “free for all” water balloon fight is fun, but it is even better when things become organized. This is why learning how to make water balloon fights more fun makes a difference.

You are going to enjoy the perks of an organized water balloon fight and that is what you should be aiming for.

Here is a look at how to make water balloon fights more fun while also understanding which water balloons are the best for fighting.

Best Water Balloons for Fights (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips On How to Make Water Balloon Fights More Fun

1. Use Rapid-Fill Water Balloons

Traditional water balloons are effective, but they can become tedious after a while.

The average person wants to enjoy the fight rather than the setup process. This is why rapid-fill water balloons are a must and will make all the difference in how much fun everyone has during the process.

Just having something like this is going to make it easier to get more out of the fight.

When everyone can quickly fill their water balloons, it makes it easier to focus on the fighting. The setup time dwindles to seconds and that is what matters most.

how to make water balloon fights more fun

2. Create Teams

Teams can get the competitive juices flowing like nothing else can!

Imagine having sets of 4-5 people that are running around targeting each other for points. It can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t take a long time to create those teams.

People like having someone else on their team due to the strategy that comes into the process. This alone makes everything better!

When the patio heater is closer to the power outlet, there are less hurdles associated with keeping it effective and consistent.

See how you can split up the group and then start with the water balloon fight.

You can create specific rules around how points are collected, how many water balloons can be used for fighting, and how long the game is going to take.

This is the type of organized action that is going to make a serious difference.

3. Play Water Dodgeball

Dodgeball is going to bring people back to their childhood running after other kids trying to knock them out of the game.

It is a fun-filled way to spice things up when playing with water balloons outside.

To retain heat, it is best to maximize the setup by keeping the screened porch as insulated as possible.

You can create teams, set up the water balloons, and then see which team gets knocked out first. It will create a competitive environment that is going to add value to each throw.

Plus, it won’t be hard to miss when someone gets hit with a water balloon.

4. Create Safe Zones for Fill-Ups

Safe zones are a good way to keep things ticking along even when people are running out of water balloons in the middle of a fight.

As you learn how to make water balloon fights more fun, you will begin to appreciate these safe zones.

Rapid-fill water balloons in the backyard tend to work well with safe zones. You can have people running in and out while the water balloon fight continues in the backdrop.

This is a simple way to add more to the fight and get everyone involved without running out of water balloons.

Final Thoughts

People of all ages love water balloon fights, which is why it is best to learn how to make water balloon fights more fun.

With the tips listed here, you are going to organize the water balloon fight of a lifetime!

Everyone is going to have a blast and that is what it all comes down to. With the right water balloons, ample space, and a good set of rules, you are going to see amazing results.

This is what it all comes down to at the end of the day.

Take your time, create teams, and make sure everyone has a purpose with the water balloons in hand.

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