How To Make Your RV Shower Bigger (Explained)

When you step into the RV shower, you might feel like it seems cramped.

This is due to the nature of an RV and how it is going to be designed. While you might not be able to add more square footage to the RV shower, this does not mean visual adjustments can’t be made.

Sometimes, it’s about not feeling trapped in the RV shower and that can be done with specific changes tailored to open up space.

How are you going to do this?

You will need to learn how to make your RV shower bigger.

To make the RV shower bigger, start by using lighter colors for the tiles or curtains. Next, install a curved rod to create more space, and consider a glass shower door. This will create additional visual space. The same can be done with the installation of mirrors.

Getting the light to hit the mirrors and bounce off is a great way to open up space. It will make the space look bigger visually.

This is the same logic that is used in smaller rooms in homes. You will want to take advantage of mirrors in the right places to get the area to open up properly.

This article is going to show you more about how to make your RV shower bigger.

Steps On How To Make Your RV Shower Bigger

1. Use Lighter Colors

You need to start with the use of colors.

Are the colors in the RV shower light enough?

This might be the issue you are facing with the RV shower. It might not be as light as it needs to be.

For example, you might have dark tiles in the RV shower that takes away from its spaciousness. Instead, you should be looking at using lighter colors for these materials in the RV shower. This can be the flooring tiles or even the shower curtain.

It is best to take out all of the darker colors in the area as soon as you can.

2. Install A Curved Rod

What type of rod are you using for the curtain?

This is assuming you are going to keep the shower curtains in place for the RV.

Some people will go to step four in this guide and look to set up a shower door. This is great and is going to work even better than a curved rod.

For those who do want to make sure they are setting up a shower rod, it’s time to take a look at a curved rod.

This type of rod is going to work well for the RV shower because it is going to make the inside of the shower seem bigger.

3. Set Up Mirrors

What about the use of mirrors in the RV shower?

You are going to do this to make it seem bigger.

The goal is to get the light to hit the mirrors and then bounce off. This is how you are going to make the area seem visually bigger and that does play a role in how your mind perceives an area such as the RV shower.

This will often come down to how the RV shower is set up.

If you can install mirrors in the area, this is what you should be doing as soon as you can. It will make a difference.

4. Install A Glass Door

The last option is going to be to set up a glass door in the RV shower.

The reason you are going to want to think about installing a glass door in the RV shower is to make it seem bigger from all sides.

This is something that does play a role in how things turn out over time.

The glass door is going to open up space and not act as a complete block where there seems like nothing is on the other side.

The glass door lets the light go through a bit.

Final Thoughts

Getting the RV shower to look the way you want it to is all about the finer details. You will want to find out how to make your RV shower bigger.

To make an RV shower bigger, start by using lighter colors for the curtains and/or tiles. Next, consider installing a glass door and using mirrors for light to bounce off of. This will open up visual space in the RV shower and make it appear larger.

It’s also essential to consider options that will keep the RV shower safe over time.

This is why using a wide array of tips such as the ones here will help the RV shower get to the standard you want it to.

Focus on this when it comes to getting more out of the RV shower and getting it to look the way you want it to.