How To Put Out A Duraflame Log (Explained)

Let’s assume you are done for the day and it’s time to put out the Duraflame log.

One of the main benefits of a Duraflame log is how simple it is to use. You are not going to struggle with this type of log and that does make a difference when you are trying to do things the right way.

It’s best to look at all relevant options and see what needs to be done heading into the process. This will ensure you don’t make mistakes and the cleanup is as swift as it needs to be.

This is why learning how to put out a Duraflame log is a must.

To put out a Duraflame log the right way, shut the damper, wait a few minutes, and then begin working on the ashes. To do this, use a poker to move the ashes around and then get rid of them safely. This will help put out the Duraflame log.

The simplicity of this process and how quickly it can be done is what makes the Duraflame log a great choice outdoors.

Here are the steps on how to put out a Duraflame log.

Steps On How To Put Out A Duraflame Log

1. Shut The Damper Or Douse The Flame

The first thing you are going to do is shut off the damper.

The damper is going to help reduce the heat and make sure the Duraflame log does not continue to run. It’s essential to be patient when it comes to managing things indoors or in a setup where the damper can be set to off.

If you are outdoors, you are going to douse the flame and that is going to be the end of the heat production from the Duraflame log.

Look at the setting you are in and then go in one direction or the other.

As long as you are doing this, it will work out as required and the Duraflame log is going to flame out as needed.

2. Wait A Few Minutes For The Log To Burn Out

This is going to take a few minutes.

Just because you turned off the damper or doused the flame does not mean it is going to burn out immediately.

There is a waiting period that you have to account for.

How long is it going to take for the Duraflame log to burn out? It is going to take a few minutes and you do need to wait.

Look for a visual sign where the flames are gone as that is a sign you can move in and handle the Duraflame log as required.

The goal when you are doing this is to be patient. The more patient you are, the easier it is to handle the ashes from the Duraflame log.

3. Move The Ashes

You will have to take the time to move the ashes at this point.

It is easy to want to go in and scoop up the ashes if you are outdoors or even indoors. You will want to get things moving at a brisk pace but this is not the right strategy.

It is better to take a poker and move the ashes around.

By spreading the ashes, you are going to make it much easier to regulate the heat that is in the area where the Duraflame log was.

You don’t want the embers to start up again.

This is why some people will move the ashes and others will cover them. It is up to you.

4. Get Rid Of The Debris

The final step is going to be to get rid of the ashes.

This is the best option for those who are dealing with the Duraflame log and looking to put it out the right way.

If you are not taking the time to do this, you are going to create a situation where the debris is going to get in the way and that is not good.

Make sure to find a safe place to dispose of the ashes from the fireplace.

Final Thoughts

Look into these tips as you learn how to put out a Duraflame log.

To put out a Duraflame log, shut off the damper or douse the flames. Once done, wait a few minutes for the heat production to die down, and then begin to move the ashes around so the embers don’t start flaring again. After this is done, take the ashes and dispose of them.

It is going to take 5-10 minutes to do this.

It is important to handle the Duraflame log the right way or you are going to be taking a major risk with how the embers are managed.

Focus on this and you are going to see good results with the Duraflame log.