How To Reset RV Furnace (Explained)

It’s common to want to reset the RV furnace.

If there is something wrong with how the furnace is running, this is going to start to impact what you are doing and the results you end up getting.

Learning how to reset the RV furnace as soon as possible is essential.

To reset the RV furnace, find the reset button located near the control panel. Press and hold this button allowing the fixture to reset. After a few minutes, the RV furnace will start up and it’s wise to let it run to see how it does.

For most RV furnaces, this process is going to take a few minutes and everything will be back to how it needs to be.

For others, you might have to wait a bit and that’s fine too.

This article is going to showcase the main steps on how to reset the RV furnace and what you should be looking into while completing the reset.

Steps On How To Reset RV Furnace

1. Find The Reset Button On The RV Furnace

The RV furnace reset is not complicated.

Manufacturers do not intend to make it complex and you will not have to go through a wide array of steps when working on this type of process.

Instead, it is going to take a few minutes for you to do.

To get started with the reset, you will want to make sure to find the reset button on the RV furnace. This will make sure the reset button is set up in a way that’s effective.

Some are going to have a separate switch but newer models will have a reset button that has to be pressed. This keeps things as simple as they need to be.

Make sure to locate this button and see what else has to be done to reset the RV furnace. For the most part, it will be highlighted in the owner’s manual for those who are still unsure.

2. Press And Hold The Reset Button

You are now going to initiate the resetting phase.

The goal is to press and hold the reset button on the RV furnace.

When doing this, it’s common for a person to want to just press the button slightly and initiate the process. This is not going to work because it is designed to only work when there is a “press and hold” action by the owner.

You are going to press and hold the RV furnace reset button for at least five seconds. This is going to immediately reset the RV furnace as you want it to.

Continue to pay attention to how the resetting phase works and see what has to be done next. This is a must.

3. Wait A Few Minutes For Resetting Phase

You are now going to wait a few minutes.

The goal here is to see what can be done when it comes to resetting everything. Is your RV furnace kickstarting as it needs to or is there a delay?

If you are doing this because the RV furnace is not working then the reset might not go through anyway. This is due to another part being ruined or not working as required.

Let things play out for a bit and then see if it starts up. The RV furnace should start up if things are done the right way.

4. Let The Furnace Run

You are now going to let the RV furnace run for a bit.

The idea behind doing this is to see if the reset phase when through as intended or if there is unwanted noise coming from the unit.

This is a good time to check everything.

The RV furnace should be working properly after it has been reset but that is not always the case. It is possible for things to not work out as you want them to and there is nothing to panic about if that is what happens.

You will want to continue to let the furnace run while doing are managing a situation such as this. Be patient and see what can be done to get the type of results that you are craving.

Final Thoughts

This is all you will have to learn as you figure out how to reset an RV furnace.

To reset an RV furnace, you are going to locate the reset button on the control panel. Next, you are going to press and hold this button for a few seconds, wait for the furnace to reset, and then let it run for a few minutes.

If it runs properly, you will be good to go.

If the RV furnace is damaged then you will start noticing the furnace is not going to start properly. It won’t matter whether you reset it or not.