Intex Pool Ring Keeps Deflating! (Fixed)

When you are setting up a pool ring, you will want to make sure it is inflated properly.

This does create issues with how the pool ring functions and how it turns out over time. This is a real concern for those who want to make sure the pool ring lasts a long time and will age the way you want it to.

In general, the Intex pool ring should remain inflated properly.

However, you may have an Intex pool ring that keeps deflating.

If the Intex pool ring keeps deflating, the issue might have to do with a damaged air valve, incorrect inflation of the pool ring, or a malfunctioning air pump. To fix the issue, use a different air pump and replace the damaged part (i.e. air valve, pool ring).

In most cases, the real issue is going to do with a damaged air valve or a malfunctioning air pump. As long as you take the time to change these, you are going to be well on your way to getting good results.

The information you are going to find in this guide will make sure you fix the Intex pool ring that keeps deflating.

Steps On How To Fix Intex Pool Ring Keeps Deflating

1. Inspect The Air Valve

Let’s begin with one of the more common reasons for the deflating Intex pool ring.

The issue stems from the air valve getting damaged. This is when the air valve does not work properly and this causes the air to release when it shouldn’t.

If this happens, the pool ring is not going to stay inflated and that is going to impact the overall setup. To avoid this, you will have to take a detailed look at the air valve to see where it is damaged.

Another issue that tends to pop up with the valve is going to be a potential blockage. This is when you will have to take a look at debris that is near the air valve as that is going to get in the way.

If you clear it out, you will be good to go and the air is not going to release.

2. Check The Pool Ring’s Inflation

You will also want to focus on the pool ring’s inflation.

This is a concern for those who are assessing whether or not the pool ring is in good shape. You don’t want a situation where the pool ring is in the wrong condition as that is how you are going to deal with sustained damage that is not easy to manage.

You will want to always look at where the air is releasing and whether or not you have to change the pool ring.

If it has too much or too less air, this is going to impact how things turn out.

3. Use A Different Air Pump

You will have to check one of the more basic issues that can arise.

If the air pump is not working properly, this can become reason enough for the Intex pool pump to not stay inflated.

You will have to assess the air pump to see whether or not it is pushing air properly. If it isn’t, this is the reason you are dealing with the problem in front of you.

Be smart and make sure you are using a different air pump as that is one of the most important things a person can do.

4. Look At Pool Ring For Damage

You will want to consider looking at the pool ring for damage.

If you are not paying attention to the pool ring, you are going to see sustained damage and this is not good for the long haul.

You have to make sure the pool ring is in good shape.

If the pool ring is not in good shape, you can’t fix this issue until the ring is replaced. The damage to the pool ring is the reason the air keeps coming out.

Be diligent when assessing the pool ring and look for any type of damage that is going to get in the way of how it functions.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to think about the approach you’re taking when it comes to an Intex pool ring that keeps deflating.

If the Intex pool ring keeps deflating, this is due to the pool ring being damaged, the air valve getting blocked, or the air pump not working properly. It is also common for the pool ring to be overinflated as that can cause it to lose air.

It’s important to look at each detail to ensure you are fixing the root cause of this deflating concern.

If you are patient, you will get things to play out as you want them to. Focus on this as you are looking at getting more out of the pool ring.