Is It Bad To Have Wrinkles In Pool Liner?

Pool liner wrinkles happen over time and because of a number of things. Some pool owners may not even notice the small ripples that form, while others may become very concerned about them.

It is actually normal for pool liners to develop such waves on their surface at times because there are many reasons why this could happen.

So, what causes it? And how should one deal with these folds or wrinkles?

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What Causes Wrinkles In Pool Liner?

1. Composition Of The Pool Liner

The composition of the pool liner is usually the first thing to consider when trying to figure out what causes wrinkles in a pool.

Most modern pool liners are made from flexible vinyl that can stand up to many years of constant exposure from the sun and from chemicals used in swimming pools.

However, over time, most swimming pools will end up with small ripples along their surfaces because they were not manufactured correctly or because there was some damage done to them during installation or maintenance.

is it bad to have wrinkles in pool liner

2. Heat And Cold

Most people would think that heat and cold have nothing to do with how a vinyl swimming pool liner looks after a number of years but it definitely can make a difference as well as cause small ripples to form.

Just like how extreme weather conditions can cause concrete and asphalt surfaces to buckle, the same thing can happen with pool liners during hot or cold periods of time.

As such, it is important that caretakers should pay attention to such details when dealing with such pool liners in order to reduce the chance of wrinkles from forming while using them for many things.

3. Wind

Although not as common as heat and cold, wind can also cause wrinkles in a swimming pool liner over time.

Just like how strong gusts and storms interfere with what happens on city streets by blowing debris everywhere, they will affect pool surfaces too if they are unprotected or made from flexible materials.

is it bad to have wrinkles in pool liner

4. Pool Surface

Another common reason why pool liners develop wrinkles is because of the surface that it has been placed on.

Many homeowners know that concrete pools are not able to hold up against strong waves or ripples, especially during bad weather conditions.

As such, one needs to always make sure that their swimming pool’s backing surface is smooth enough for their liner.

If there are any bumps or crevices where water can get caught in them, then wrinkles may form over time as a result of this trapping effect.

5. Frequency of Pool Use

Lastly, one should also consider how often the pool is being used by swimmers when trying to figure out what causes wrinkles in the pool liner.

While these curves may not affect the water inside of the swimming pool, it is possible that swimmers can see them when they are using them for recreational or even competitive swimming.

As such, one should be careful about how often others are using their pool and if there are any signs of damage on the pool’s surface that can cause significant ripples to form over time.

Is There Anything To Do About Wrinkles In Pool Liner?

Luckily enough, there are many steps that can be taken by owners who want to deal with pool liner wrinkles once they have formed on their surfaces. This includes:

1. Repairing The Pool Liner If There Was Damage Done To It

Most homeowners know that pool liners are designed to last for up to 10 years or even more if used correctly.

This means that they will develop wrinkles after many years of use but it is not the end of the world as long as there has been no damage done to them.

2. Replacing The Pool Liner With A New One

Another thing that can be done is getting rid of old swimming pool liners and putting new ones on top of them.

While this takes a lot of time, money, and effort, it is also the only way to completely remove wrinkles from the pool’s surface so that people who are using it can feel comfortable again.

Final Thoughts

Is it bad to have wrinkles in the pool liner?

There is nothing wrong with having wrinkles in the pool liner. It comes down to aesthetics as it can diminish the overall value of the fixture and how it looks once set up.

This is why it’s highly recommended to fix the wrinkles in a pool liner as soon as possible. This will ensure the pool liner looks good from all angles.

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