Is Sleeping Outside Dangerous? (Learn How To Go Camping Safely!)

Is sleeping outside dangerous?

Sleeping outside is not dangerous assuming you’re prepared for the weather, have enough space, and are not encroaching on another animal’s territory such as a big cat, bee, or bear.

Most beginners thinking about going camping will asking whether or not it’s safe to sleep outside at night.

In most cases, sleeping outside is perfectly fine and even recommended. It provides a long list of health benefits that the average person doesn’t get since they sleep indoors.

These advantages include:

  • Fresh Air
  • Nutrients From the Sun Light
  • Stress Relief

Yes, these benefits are present when you start sleeping outdoors and become comfortable. A lot of people don’t realize how powerful sleeping outside can be, especially when you have taken all precautions.

Remember, humans have slept outside for centuries. Your ancestors were well-equipped to sleep outdoors and so are you. It’s just a matter of taking the initiative and not going into the process without preparation.

So, how do you prepare to sleep outside safely?

This guide will help answer the question, “Is sleeping outside dangerous?” along with what to do to make sure your next camping trip is a breeze.

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Tips for Sleeping Outside When Camping

Tip #1: Buy a Robust Camping Tent

When asking “Is sleeping outside dangerous?”, you have to think more about where you’re sleeping.

It’s essential to have a good tent nearby for added protection. It’s this protection that will matter when it comes to staying safe, comfortable, and aware.

If you don’t have a good camping tent for sleeping, you’re going to be fully exposed to the natural environment. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the safest way to start as a beginner. You may not know how to react in this type of situation, which a more advanced enthusiast would.

As a result, it’s recommended to go out and by a durable camping tent for your first time sleeping outdoors.

The benefits include:

  • Protection From the Weather
  • Keeps the Environment Dark
  • Added Safety

Sleeping outside isn’t dangerous as long as you have this type of equipment on hand. It will make camping a breeze.

You won’t have to worry about what’s going on around you as much as you would sleeping in the open.

It is also a mental thing.

You are going to like the idea of being wrapped up by the tent, which is advantageous to avoid thinking about what’s happening around you in the middle of the night.

Is sleeping outside dangerous

Tip #2: Invest in a Safe Air Mattress

Have you taken the time to invest in a good air mattress?

Sleeping on the ground or on a simple blanket doesn’t cut it. You should always take the time to invest in a good air mattress for camping and sleeping outside.

The air mattress will provide a soft surface to lie on during the night.

A quality air mattress makes it easy to sleep outside without losing body heat and your desired comfort.

To the surprise of many people, the most common issue with sleeping outside has more to do with what a person sleeps on!

Yes, a hard surface can hurt your back, neck, and other joints.

This is why it’s best to go out and buy a portable air mattress that is easy to pump. This will make a serious difference when asking “Is sleeping outside dangerous?”.

Tip #3: Don’t Sleep with Food Nearby

This is a major mistake especially if you are sleeping with a lot of wildlife around.

You want to make sure to buy a quality food storage bag and place all of your food in there. This is going to help suppress the food’s scent, which is what tends to attract wildlife in your direction.

While it’s never recommended to sleep outside in these spots as a beginner, you should always think about where the food is.

Certain animals will sniff out the food and naturally become curious as they start walking near the tent. It’s best to prepare for this using a food storage bag when camping.

Having the food right next to you is a bad idea.

This is how you are going to end up with all sorts of issues in the dead of the night or early in the morning.

Take your time and make sure to grab a food storage bag, sling it over a tree, and hang it there. This is much safer!

Is sleeping outside dangerous

Tip #4: Practice in the Backyard

If you are wondering “Is sleeping outside dangerous?”, it might be time to get in a bit of practice.

In essence, you are going to head out into the backyard, set up a tent, and pretend like you are at the local campgrounds. The premise is to just get the hang of things and feel better about sleeping outdoors.

Too many people just go straight into camping and that’s fine. However, practising with your home nearby is never a bad idea.

It can provide peace of mind as you learn more about what works for you and what doesn’t when sleeping outside.

It will also allow you to get past that mental hurdle of resting away from your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Is sleeping outside dangerous?

Sleeping outside is not a dangerous activity and was a normal part of life for humans in the past. Yes, it’s still important to be well-prepared for the conditions, but it can be done safely.

If you are someone that wants to go camping but is nervous about sleeping outside, the tips cited here are a wonderful starting point.

Just go through them one by one to see what works to put your mind at ease.

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