Log Splitter Auto Return Not Working (Fixed)

When you are using a log splitter, it’s supposed to run at a specific speed and deliver premium results.

It’s the only way to ensure things are done with a purpose and it all turns out as required. This includes understanding how a log splitter runs when it is at top speed.

One issue people report is when the log splitter auto return is not working.

if the log splitter auto return is not working, it will likely be the control valve, lack of hydraulic fluid, a damaged hose, or a worn-down cylinder. It’s best to walk through these components to figure out which one is causing the log splitter to malfunction.

It’s important to go through these steps one by one.

The reason for assessing these details is to get a better read on how the log splitter works and what’s required to get its features back up and running. It might not happen right away but replacing one of these damaged components will go a long way.

Here is more on what to do if the log splitter auto return is not working.

How To Fix Log Splitter Auto Return That’s Not Working

1. Assess The Control Valve

You will want to begin with the control valve in the log splitter.

This is a real concern.

The log splitter is not going to run properly and this is going to cause issues with the auto return. The control valve has to be pushing the fluid in the right direction. This is the only way the log splitter is going to run.

If it is not doing its job, this is when you are going to end up dealing with unwanted issues.

Your best bet is to see how the control valve is running. Is it pushing the fluid where it needs to go or is it not?

When the fluid is not going where it needs to, you are going to face all sorts of issues including the auto return feature not getting to how it needs to be.

2. Top Up The Hydraulic Fluid

You will also want to take a look at the amount of fluid that is in the log splitter.

Does it have enough to run?

This is the first thing that you are going to want to look into because when the hydraulic fluid level in a log splitter goes down, you are going to notice issues with performance.

This is going to include how well the fluid runs as soon as it is put in.

You need to make sure it is going in the right direction as you test the control valve but that is only when there is enough fluid in the log splitter.

If there is not enough fluid, the rest is not going to matter because the auto return feature is not going to work.

3. Assess The Hose

You will want to take the time to assess the hose.

This is a must when it comes to doing things the right way and getting a proper read on the auto-return feature.

The log splitter is not going to function properly and this is going to come down to assessing the hose. The hose might break down to the point it is not going to work as well as you want it to.

You need to make sure the hose is working in a way that will last a long time. This is a must and that is why the hose has to be in good shape too.

4. Check Cylinder For Damage

You will want to take the time to check the cylinder in greater detail.

If the cylinder is in bad shape, this is going to take away from how well things work. You have to get a better read on the cylinder to see if it is wearing down.

The moment this part begins to break down, you are going to realize new issues pop up. One of those issues will be the auto return feature in the log splitter not running as well as it should.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to think about these details when it comes to a log splitter auto return that’s not working properly.

If the log splitter auto return is not working, this means the cylinder is damaged, the hose is loose, or there is not enough hydraulic fluid in the machine. Another issue might have to do with the control valve not being in good shape.

You will have to assess each part to see which one is bothering your log splitter.

It will take a bit of time to work through but you are going to see exceptional results as you go through this process one by one.

Look into this and you are going to see a great return on your time spent working on the log splitter.